Mobile App Launch Checklist

Mobile App Checklist

Here is the checklist that you can follow to launch your mobile application. This is the pre-launch checklist that will help you understand the step by step process as well as a few app marketing tricks are included.

1. Beta Testing:

In this competitive market, testing an app is crucial before launching it. The primary aim to implement beta testing is to get real-life experience. You must address all the issues that occurred during beta testing before the app launch.

2. App Analytics:

Before launching an app, it must have a tracking feature that allows it to track the behaviours of the user. This feature will allow you to get real-time data that will later help you to improve the app features and interface.

3. App Launch Landing Pages:

Don’t forget to market your mobile application through a website. In order to make your mobile application a success then, you should start market it to make a buzz inside the minds of your prospects. You can use a single-page website or a social media page.

4. App Store:

The success of a mobile app is highly dependent on the landing page of the app store or play store. If you have used bad screenshots, interfaces or app icons then it will be hard for to you capture a market. Above all, you should make a marketing strategy before launching your app.

5. Social Media Marketing:

Today social media is among the most effective platform to create a buzz of your product or service. Therefore, using social media to spread your mobile application to your target audience will derive positive results.

6. Introductory Video:

To make your application more attractive you should launch a demo video. It will help in providing an overview of your application so that users can easily use the app. Moreover, videos must be short and have quality infographics.

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