Mobile First eCommerce Design is the Future

Mobile First eCommerce Design is the Future

The concept of mobile-first design is a relatively new one, but it has quickly turned from a forward-thinking way of web design to an absolute necessity for website owners in just a few short years. This is largely due to the changing way people use the internet. Mobile sales have been on the rise for years and that’s not going to change any time soon. If your site isn’t as fast or doesn’t look as good as your competitor’s site on mobile, your competitor is going to win the e-commerce battle.

Better user retention with a mobile-first eCommerce site

 Before scaling up those pieces for desktop or any other large-screen device, the mobile-first strategy prioritizes the design and development of websites for mobile device users first.

Being mobile-first seeks to reverse the process of creating for the desktop and then scaling it down for mobile, which has become less practicable as both browsing patterns and device-of-choice have switched to smartphones. This has become the standard for web design, giving priority to the devices that access the internet the most and optimizing the experience for how we browse, shop, and engage online.

Mobile shopping has grown in popularity to the point where it is beginning to take over holidays that have traditionally been controlled by a brick-and-mortar system.

Mobile-First Ecommerce Web Design and Site Optimization

 Modern eCommerce platforms are constantly improving and optimizing their services to take advantage of the increased use of mobile devices for shopping, thanks to the rise of mobile-first web design and Google’s growing preference for showing fast-loading, mobile-friendly sites at the top of search results.

BigCommerce, for example, which includes responsive and adaptable templates, also has native support for Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages), which allows for near-instant product and category page loading on mobile devices.

BigCommerce businesses also get access to Image Manager, which optimizes your pictures for faster load times across multiple devices automatically and intelligently. Higher conversion rates and better site performance on both desktop and mobile devices are the result of their continuous upgrades to their eCommerce platform.

If you haven’t persuaded yourself before, a mobile-friendly website is the way to go. All you have to do is look at the numbers. There isn’t a single agency or technology firm that will tell you that being responsive is a bad idea. It’s a difficult and daunting procedure to progress with the technology age, but it’s always for your best benefit.

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