Most Frequently Questions on Email Marketing Answered

E-mail Marketing Dubai

Commercial marketing has become popular in recent times; yet remains complicated and baffles many users while using E-mail. Here we will delve into questions related to E-mail marketing. This will be helpful in developing start-up ventures without any hassle.

What is the ideal time interval for sending E-mails?

E-mail marketing has baffled marketers in terms of frequency of sending mails or reminders. Normally, one could send an E-mail with a gentle reminder as a follow-up after a fortnight.It is quite possible that the customer may forget about your business activities hence send follow up mails that are few and far between, as sending too many reminders will irritate your customers.

It is a worth while exercise to keep a record on how many customers open your E-mails to get registered or unsubscribed. This method will broadly tell you whether your frequency of E-mails is welcome or discouraging to your customers.

How to Prevent Spam Filters?

Spam filters are set differently according to different businesses. Therefore, it is a moot and debatable issue. However, some essential tips for avoiding spam are:

  • Avoid words like ‘free’ or ‘urgent’ in the content – smart and intelligent filters might mark this as spam
  • Computers and humans find exclamation marks as spams; so it is better to restrict the usage.
  • Restrict sending E-mails– frequent mails may end up as spam

How to Boost Our Open Rate?
  • It is a profound belief that a well composed winning subject line is the first step to improve your open rate. Design something engaging and exciting tag lines to create an intrigue in reader’s mind as they open your E-mails with great expectations.
  • Remember to connect with your recipients with your first E-shot – first impression is always the best impression.
  • Stay ahead of times and let your readers know what to expect from you by prompting them to open E-mails regularly. Compose your E-mails with caution, lest they end up in unsubscribers list.

What standards need to be tracked for E-mail Marketing?

There are other mandatory metrics of your E-mail marketing efforts that you need to monitor besides your larger goals. For instance, direct sales (like B2C retail companies), website traffic and conversions (B2B or B2C with long sales cycles) or referral business.

  • Inbox rates: check how many delivered E-mails actually made it into your readers’ inbox and not in their junk or spam folder.
  • Bounce rates: check the percentage of rejected E-mails by recipients’ mail servers.
  • Spam reports: collate number of times your E-mails were marked as junk mail/spam by your readers.
  • Unsubscribes: how many people unsubscribed from your E-mails.

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