On-SERP SEO and Why it Is The Future of SEO

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On-SERP SEO and Why it Is The Future of SEO

SEO has grown too much, now to be on the first page of a search engine you need to make sure that you have a good SEO and On SERPs for your website. Nowadays 50% of online researchers do not click on any website as now you can get the answer right on the search engine result pages.

Let us discuss some of the information which they can get without having to click on the search results.
● Location and place of the hotel, their pricing availability and booking.
● Celebrities profile
● Latest news
● Language translator
● Weather report
● Currency conversions.

You want your website to rank on the number one page, right? you need to think again. As to become in a competition you need to implement SERP SEO.

The question is what is SERP SEO, considered as a future of SEO
SERP SEO involves a strategy where more than just one way of finding Google keywords and a few backlinks that most companies are using to improve the ranking. Now It is more about maximizing your On SERP performance. It can help you get the business even when you are visitors are not clicking on your website.

Let us take a look at some benefits you can take from ranking in SERP

Choose high click rate keywords
It is always advisable to go with a high CTR. You can also use tools to check the click-through rate of your keywords.

Change your strategy

If you are providing complete answers in your SERP, there are fewer chances that users will visit your website. It is advisable to display only a part of the answer which give a reason to your visitors to reach your website.

So, try to make your website optimised not only for SEO but for SERPs too. Go ahead and improve and implement your strategies again. And make sure that you are only using superior quality content which delivers you a better conversion rate.

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