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Open Cart E-Commerce Advantages

Open cart is one of the best e-commerce platforms. It enables the purchasing and selling of online products. It has made the life of merchants and customers easy to interact with each other.

Open cart is an easy-to-use and powerful e-commerce platform. So, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of an open cart:

Free platform:

Open cart is a free shopping cart. It has no installation cost. Maintenance expenses are also very low as compared to other shopping carts. You can easily modify and customize it according to your business requirements.

Easy to operate:

There is no need to hire a technical expert to operate an open cart online store. The software of the open cart is designed in such a way that you might operate it yourself. No technical knowledge is required to use an open cart platform. You can do unlimited tasks with this platform while using a single admin panel. This also saves your time.

Multi-store functionality:

It is one of the biggest advantages of an open cart because, with an open cart, you can build many e-commerce stores and manage them from a single interface. You can set up your customer groups for each store, manage single inventory for multiple stores, and use different themes for diver shops.

Responsive and SEO-friendly:

An open cart can help you add high performance to your store. It is an SEO-friendly platform that helps to gain top ranking in the Google search result.

Shipping method:

It integrates the most common shipping methods, like the national postal system, such as the USPS, Australia post, and others. The open cart also makes sure that its customers receive their purchases timely.

Sell unlimited products:

This is one of the important advantages of the open cart that it provides you a position where you are free to choose the number of products that you want to sell. You can list an endless number of products across several categories by using this software.

Open Cart Installation Process

An open cart extension is a module-based system with which you can easily extend the functionality as per your needs. You can download the latest version of the open cart from its website or through Github. The installation process of an open cart is very simple. So, explained below is the step-by-step description of the installation process:

  1. Download: Simply, go to the download page on the open cart website and click on the download link to save the zip file to the computer.
  2. Unzip: You should unzip the file by using your favorite unzipping program after the zip has been saved on your computer.
  3. Upload: As all your files are now ready, so you can start uploading them to your server. For uploading, you need an FTP program.
  4. Database: Now, you can create a database in your control panel. All the details should be noted down as you will need them for the next step.
  5. Configs: In this step, there is a need to rename the two config files. Now, that FTP program will be used here to rename the config-dist.php to config.php.
  6. Auto installer: This is the final step to run the auto-installer. For doing this, you have to open your web browser and add “/install” to the end of the site’s website address. After this, you have to read the GNU license and click on the continue button. Now, the pre-installation page will check whether the server meets the requirements or there is a need to contact the hosting provider. Again, you have to click the continue button.

Moving further, you have to enter your database details in section 1 used in step 4. In section 2, you have to enter your username, password, email address, and some more personal information and click the continue button again. So, here your open cart extension is installed successfully.

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