The open Cart offers you tools to create and launch an e-commerce store, manage your inventory, and process orders.

WooCommerce is considered the world’s most popular open-source e-commerce solution that helps to build an e-commerce store using Word Press.

Let’s have a look at the difference between the two of them:

Design: WooCommerce offers more than 2000 themes for free while an open cart will provide just a basic store design. WooCommerce will provide you with magazine themes, e-commerce themes, SEO-powered themes, business themes, and many more. You will face no difficulty in finding them. But in an open cart platform, you will have to hire someone to do it for you.

Customization: You will have direct access to the code under WooCommerce as it has a PHP-based plug-in integrated with the Word Press. With the help of custom extension developers, you can create the extension the same as you want. In the case of an open cart platform, you can customize your underlying code as per your needs but for this, you will need some solid coding skills or someone needs to be hired.

Multiple stores: While using an open cart platform, there is only one installation that enables multi-store creation, under one admin management. You can create multiple stores from one open cart store, without performing the installation process over and over again. While using WooCommerce, it does not provide multiple store functions. If you want to activate multiple stores, you will have to depend on paid plug-ins.

Support: In an open cart, the support is provided for its users with tons of documentation, a forum, blogs, and many more. If you need further support, then it will be chargeable. But in the case of WooCommerce, direct support is unavailable. For support, you can head straight to the official Word Press forum or you can open a support ticket on the WooCommerce website. All your queries there will be replied to in 24 hours.

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