Optimizing ecommerce store for search engine- Woo-commerce, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop

Optimizing ecommerce store

SEO or Search engine optimization is the important factor in every e-commerce store to promote its brand and to improve conversion rate. There are various e-commerce platforms such as Woo-commerce, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, and so on that want its rank to be on the top of the search. Let’s have a look at how you can optimize your ecommerce store for search engines!

Create quality content: You must include quality content on your site page and the content must be well organized that will attract the target audience and can convert visitors of your site to potential customers.

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Do keyword research on products: Make sure you keep in mind all the things such as relevancy, popularity, competition when deciding keywords for your products. It is necessary to avoid specific keywords that are not relevant to your product.

Improve your product ranking: The ranking of the product can be improved by choosing suitable keywords in page title, headers or sub-headers, Meta titles and descriptions, image file names, URLs and so on.

Optimize your page speed: Page speed is the crucial factor in determining the site’s performance. There are numerous techniques to increase the site’s speed such as reducing redirects, maximizing browser caching, enabling file and image compression, improving server response time, and also using a content distribution network. You can optimize the page speed by involving these factors.

Write unique product and category descriptions: Visitors who visit your website end up losing interest if they do not understand the description of the products they want to buy. So, the description must be unique and appropriate to the product to increase traffic on the site.

These are some methods through which you can optimize your site’s search engine. Convert your visitors into potential customers!

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