Pageless design: Easy to Digest & Spontaneous

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Pageless design: Easy to Digest & Spontaneous

Modern websites greet with the usual style. The trend is to have a main body of text or images with or without icons, a large image slider, navigation (top or side), a side bar with different links and CT As. Some websites even have the audacity to ask for your personal details immediately even before you could get a chance to learn about the company or the group. Not a good experience, anyway.

However, the moment when you land on a pageless site you are immediately immersed in the opening lines of a great story.  The simplified design paves way for visitors and allows telling the story you intend to convey, giving prominence during the entire tour of the site.

Scrolling is the most natural and instinctive thing the visitor must do as he progresses on the web when the story is well crafted and engrossing right from the beginning.

Free from the mundane link hunting and click guesswork, this easy action makes a seamless experience. As this format forces the website owner to refine and collect their vision into one page, the messages in general becomes much more powerful and easy to grasp; unlike the usual scattered message between a home page side bar mission page and about page.

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