PPC Vs Pay Per Impression

Pay per click and Pay per impression are compensation methods that are used in online advertising. Pay per click means a situation where marketers pay for the ad when someone clicks on it, and not each time when an ad is shown. Cost per click is another name for pay per click.

Pay per impression means a situation where marketers pay for every 1000 impressions of the ad, whether they clicked or not. Another name for pay per impression is the cost per mile model.

The comparison between pay per click and pay per impression is explained below:


Under pay per click, the advertiser is required to pay each time when the ad is clicked. Visitors can see the ad for free, but as soon as they clicked on the ad, it will be charged. But many people also see your ad without even clicking on it. This means you can get customers without paying if the customer did not click on the ad.

On the other hand, the functionalities of pay per impression are the visitors here don’t have to actually click on the ad before you are charged. Whenever someone visits the page where an ad is displayed will be considered as an impression.


With pay per click method, you know the cost of each click but you don’t know how many people actually click your ad. It all depends on the visual appeal of the ad and the traffic on your site.

While the cost per impression is considered better to control the budget for your online ad campaigns.

Here, you will know the number of people that visited your ad. You will be able to decide how many sets of 1000 impressions you want to buy, when you will establish the cost per thousand impressions.

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