Prospects in E-Commerce & Great Advancements in the Making

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The future of E-Commerce seems bright with some brilliant innovations; it is worth the wait. Significantly, in the modern world of commerce, all popular brands have an on-line representation through shopping apps, an E-commerce store, marketplaces or available simultaneously by all of them. By leaving no stone unturned to acquire more clients online and to generate a positive response from prospective clients, here are the trends that are instrumental in influencing the E-Commerce industry in a big way.

Personalized Product Endorsements

Your potential customers will have a word of appreciation for you.  Making personalized product recommendations to your visitors will create an exceptionally great shopping experience. Recognize your customers by analyzing your performance so as to enable to adapt to the behavior of your customers; this is very important when making product recommendations.

Social-Commerce – Subset of E-Commerce

Social commerce, obviously, is the use of different social networks for online shopping transactions.

We must admit that social media is fairly driven in our daily activities, particularly during online dealings.  It further effectively changes the buyer-seller prospect.  Relatively speaking, brands continue to stay in touch with their clients through popular social networks which in turn create a personal relationship. However, technically speaking, many advanced features regularly get integrated into social media in order to shrink the buying cycle process.

Integrating E-wallets & New Payment

The payment process gets simplified through E-wallet or Electronic wallet …virtually!

Some of the online payment gateway services like Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe and Google Wallet have made electronic payment transactions very easy and cool. There is more to it; digital wallets can be synchronized with your bank account. The basic data, supplemented with your driver ID, health card, identification cards issued by local authorities, etc. can be stored on the mobile phone.

Omni-Channel – In Sync With Social Network

Synchronizing omnichannel strategy with other social media is relevant for competitive marketing. A promotional campaign on Instagram may lead to a nearby apparel store.  This social message from consumers has set the trend of linking online and offline sales channels rather effectively. Social media is creating a marketing revolution. It is significant to note that for staying ahead in the competition, enterprises will need to adopt an omnichannel strategy; though intricate, this system indicates a high-load backend that involves merging and maintenance of data from all the sales and social channels.


In the current E-Commerce scenario, it makes sense to be active on social media and to operate in the m-commerce sector seamlessly. Represented by smart devices like dash-buttons and beacons the IoT is gaining popularity and will stay for a while until a novelty in online E-Commerce is born.

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