Quick Tips to Get an Overwhelming Response for Your Business Website

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Tip 1:  More than 80% of consumers search for products and services through internet.  This includes online banking transaction and other commercial activities like statutory payments. The world is on the internet 365 days and 24×7. Customers have become choosy and selective. They are finicky too, particularly women customers. Thanks to the awareness generated through visual media. These customers are always on the lookout for new websites to make purchases. In view of this situation it is necessary to have a website immediately and increase the customer footfall and not allow them to wander to a competitor’s website.

Tip 2: Website is not a catalyst… completely. It cannot be a useful marketing tool to fall on totally.  It is therefore advisable to use other forms of marketing ideas to promote the website. A simple way is to include the website address on all print material and business stationery such as letter heads, business cards, delivery challans and tax invoices in addition to promotional materials like signage, flyers, handbills etc. A novel way to market and promote website to a wider audience is to announce the website to new prospects at business events like conferences, business seminars, conventions and symposium. A teaser with necessary information on a print material at such forums and meetings would drive traffic to the website.  This would eventually, gain the interest of potential clients by driving them to visit the website for more information.  This eco friendly method reduces quantity of printing and distribution costs of print material.

Tip 3: Generally web host providers/vendors offer content management software which allows updating the content on a regular basis. It is advisable to use Word Press to manage web content in consultation with web designer to enable choose and customize before uploading the CMS software on to the web server. All these exercise will go a long way in augmenting and supplementing the overall business.

Tip 4: FAQ page to a website saves time by avoiding answering the same query.  Moreover it drives additional traffic to the website.  So it is necessary to add a blog or resource section to a website which will potentially increase sales of product by regular updates about the products and services. A dynamic website is much better than a static one, anytime.  Therefore the ideal tool is Word Press for updating the website on a regular basis if the line of work needs changing (updating) very often. This exercise enables the customers to know about the company. Over and above, the Word Press can be easily manageable to match the website.

Tip 5: One of the other methods to increase business productivity is to integrate information of the website with social media. There are several reasons for integrating with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus to direct the traffic to the website. This can be done regularly or to announce and share something new about an upcoming product that is being launched shortly. A video, photograph of the products, demo of a product launch can be shared. Consequently, the search engine results page ranking increases due to the inbound links from high-profile websites mentioned above.

Using these sites, communication becomes easy with potential and regular customers to exchange news about products and services viz., launch of new product, discounts offered etc.  For example, by creating a professional profile on LinkedIn to demonstrate or showcase one’s skills/expertise, the website gets increased footfall traffic. Or create an FB account and post photos of recent activities and forthcoming events with links to website’s portfolio or products page.

Similarly, accounts or profile in Twitter can be created to post relevant tips and information with links to corresponding articles on the website.

Further, a short video demonstrating the products and service with useful tips to customers could also be uploaded on You Tube. These social media show the work and demonstrate useful tips to assist client. Also it would be worthwhile to include a link back to an appropriate landing page on the website with a call to action on that page.

The result could be overwhelming if carried out perfectly.

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