Role of ecommerce in Restaurant Industry

Modern technology is affecting absolutely everything as the world comes to rely on accessibility and mobility – the restaurant industry is no exception. Technology has touched every aspect of the dining experience for both the customer and restaurateur.

Restaurants are the go to places to eat and the impact technology can have on a dining experience is immense.  Technology in the restaurant industry is impacting how customers choose where they eat, but also what to eat and how to order it. There’s no doubt in today’s technology driven world, ecommerce is playing a giant role in managing your restaurant for better!

Positive Reviews:-

Online reviews are very much important for any restaurant in making a name for itself today. Positive reviews and recommendations help in gaining the likes of the customers.

Strong online presence:-

Customers turn to the internet for information on, well everything! and if your restaurant is nowhere to be found, customers aren’t likely to search for you. Most restaurants turn to either a website or social media (or both) to stay in touch with patrons. Chefs themselves frequently turn to the online world to communicate openly with their guests- from posting cooking videos online, to giving tips and generally building relationships via social media.

Convenience of mobility:-

Convenience has become a modern catchphrase in every industry. Convenience is generally about portability, time-savings, and order accuracy. Wait times at restaurants are being drastically cut as servers are able to turn over their tables faster by using mobile devices. Smart devices are also now being used to place orders ahead of time or from designated order stations.

QR codes:-

Depending on the country you are in, QR codes are appearing everywhere even on receipts. The URL can do anything from linking tech-savvy customers to promotional or restaurant websites to asking for feedback after a meal, QR codes are quickly gaining popularity within the restaurant industry.


Restaurant guests are able to check into restaurants on their smart phones. For restaurateurs tapped into this technology, this can be a useful tool for identifying frequent customers in order to offer promotions or communicate with specific customers directly.

Discount coupons:-

The value of putting a discount online is greatly disputed-whether or not it drives repeat business is a controversial point, with many feeling that online coupons do little other than erode the value perception of a restaurant.

Mobile payments:-

Smartphone adoption among consumers isn’t quite ubiquitous yet, but a growing majority of everyday customers now uses portable devices every day. That said, the same consumers are accessing ecommerce and mobile websites like never before, or platforms where they can make purchases. The restaurant industry is in a similar situation. Mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites are becoming a popular trend in the food service industry because they give customers the option to place an order on the restaurant website from where ever they are. Restaurants now offer more flexibility in online ordering where consumers can order their food.

Quicker and easier delivery:-

Until the advent of the smartphone, consumers would have to call businesses and order takeout or delivery items. Restaurant delivery is going mobile thanks in part to already established e-commerce and digital technology.

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