SEO and SEA: What is The Difference?


SEO and SEA is explained here.

Let us first understand the basic meaning of SEO and SEA.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a process that increases your website visibility, its traffic and makes your website rank on google. Is a good way to get organic traffic. The most important search engine for SEO is Google

What is SEA?

SEA on the other hand stands for search engine advertisement, another name for a SEA is PPC. It is the process of advertising your product directly on Google or other search engines. Under this method, Google shows ads of your company in the search results.

The major difference between SEO and SEA

Instant result

The very first difference between SEO and SEA is the quick results. You all know that SEO is a slow down process, whereas in SEA you get the result immediately. SEA immediately brings visibility to your website, however with SEO, you need to invest time.

Cost-effective method

Everyone is curious to know which method is cost-effective. You all are might thinking that SEA is an online advertisement, therefore it will be expensive. But it is not so, as you only have to pay when actually the customer clicks on your ad.

Target specific keyword

You can target your interest to specific keywords with both SEO and SEA. With SEA a paid advertisement strategy you can easily target your specific keywords. Also, you can do it with SEO too.

More control

SEO is the process to enhance your site visibility and maximize it’s traffic to your website. With SEO you can’t control the information which is providing about your product. Where is on the paid advertisement, you have more control. The paid ad lets you inform everything about your business and product.


Well, there is on similarity in both the methods. As both are using to enhance the visibility and organic traffic of your website. If you are a small business you can invest in SEO, otherwise, SEA is the best.

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