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All digital agencies are in a sticky situation as they find themselves in a fierce competition among themselves. The cumulative advertising spending budget in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) is stuck around three billion USD with not so encouraging signs in 2020 when compared with global market. Last year the top 10 SEO companies in the UAE grossed more than 27Million USD the hard way as the clients have become very particular in selecting the desired services on a shoe-string budget.

Staying With the Growing Marketing Trend

In recent times, there is an overall sagging symptom of investments in the gulf region. Nevertheless, despite these indications, the need for digitalization of business is encouraging. Yet only 37 percent of business has a digital strategy and only 3 percent are in an advanced stage of their digital switch over.  What is mandatory for the digital marketing strategy is the need to stay oriented on the most effective and latest upcoming trends. With a size of 15 billion U.S. Dollars, the global marketing industry is spending nearly 75% of their budgets on social media influencers. The market size in the MENA region is estimated as 160 million U.S. Dollars with a 50 percent potential growth rate in 2020. In the UAE, alone 99.06% of the population is active on social media. The success of influencer marketing has been christened‘s-commerce’ for social commerce, reflecting the value of social media for commerce.

Highest Awareness in Dubai for SEO

It is heartening to learn that in comparison to most cities in the Middle East, the companies in Dubai give importance to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Dubai, as a tech hub has its entire corporate activities around internet business. Moreover, mainly the presence of Indian Tech companies in the UAE has further promoted and acknowledged SEO methods as an important marketing instrument.

The Smartphone Shopping Popular Among Young People

The youths have developed to lean towards mobile or connected devices as an inseparable and indispensable tool for shopping online for products like electronics, apparels and accessories. Study shows that over 50% under the age of 25 years have procured smart phones in recent times.

YouTube seems to be the channel of choice for advertisement as 7.88 million citizens of the UAE that equals to about 82% contribute to its success. With True View In-stream, True View Discovery, Bumper Ads and True View for Shopping YouTube offers a wide range of options for advertisement campaigns that complement influencer marketing strategies in a big way. Of late, one could find a reasonable growth of specialized agencies in the MENA region.

Snapchat Continues Its Sway In 2020

In UAE Snapchat has a huge follower base in the age group of 18 to 35. It is therefore significant to run ad campaigns on this platform in 2020. Thus, your social media marketing efforts include this running ad campaigns on Snapchat which is an important part of social media marketing. daily millions of active users are using the platform. The most popular Business uses of Snapchat are flash sales, scavenger hunt and secret menu Item which are keeping the users engaged.

Personalized Customer Experience & Data-driven Marketing

Customers’ attention in the digital domain is worth a treasure. The customers’ spending time to get what he wants decreases every year. Retention and loyalty of customers is based on engaging them with relevant and personalized content as lots of offers are just a click away!

2020 is a significant year as far as the upcoming global trends for data-driven marketing for the MENA region is concerned. The year bears significance also for the fact that instead of totally relying on Google or Facebook, keep data collections GDPR-compliant in order protect the data all by you. Marketing automation campaigns are creating more on point experience for the customer which are generally based on highly personalized ethical data collections

Further, the knowledge about the customer enables the marketer to create a seamless multichannel experience with an aim for a unified brand experience that can continue to work through all accessible channels like website, web chat, E-mail, paid advertisement including SEO.

Artificial Intelligence Beats Traditional SEO.

Recently, keeping in trend with the digital competition, chatbots and other conversational interfaces are reducing the response time to customer requests. The application of AI is swift and efficient than any traditional enterprises. AI tools help with smarter personalization and they create better content strategies, stronger analytics and reporting systems which are a boon to modern E-Commerce.

Digital Marketing Opportunities & Expo 2020 Dubai

Great opportunity is waiting at the forthcoming Dubai Expo 2020. With 25 Million visitors expected to land at Dubai in the later part of 2020 and with lot of opportunities for the UAE economy, it is going to be beneficial to allas the Expo 2020 is expected to lift the GDP of UAE by an additional 5.5% plus. The increasing business activity offers opportunities for marketing and SEO in a big way.

With the government back up and Expo2020 leaders offering special concessions for SME and startups, the growing number of companies demand more digital marketing services in 2020.

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