Six Stages of Production in Multimedia

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Designing :-

Normally, during the design stage, designers take over the visual aspects of the project in order to determine final output viz., looks and feels from the audience point of view. Designers leave no stone upturned as they use the notes from the storyboard, by creating trending graphics, design the navigation and guide the videographers or photographers for shot composition. The design stage might also include graphic design, web design, image collection, information design and photography all depending on the project. All said and done, the design is always done with an audience perception in mind.

Editing :-

One of the most cumbersome and complex phase of the multimedia development process is editing. Lot of skill and brilliance goes into the editing aspect as the editor and his team of the project turns the various pieces into a consistent and interconnected product, taking into consideration other factors like; the time constraints, story line and creative specifications. Additionally, depending on the scope of the project, pieces of the project may get edited separately. Needless to mention, a great lot of efforts go into the making of a multimedia project. As projects with a large amount of image or video content editing is often a back breaking job involving long duration to achieve quality and perfection. Amazingly, a minute of final video can take hours of editing and the editing stage usually involves internal review iterations concerning client reviews as well. Before the project gets the final nod it may need some final touches as far as editing is concerned.

Production :-

When all the parts of a multimedia come together the production staff draws together the entire edited finished product in one place. They try to put them together in a logical sequence based on the story board.The raw draft for approval is then put through series of review with clients as well as internally and final edit takes place. As part of production, a company may engage in user testing to ensure that a project has the desired impact on the target audience. At this point, test members of the audience use the multimedia piece as the team members observe. Relying on the goals of the project, the staff might observe users’ reactions or get them to answer questions to see if the project hits the right marks. After completion of user testing, some nutty-gritty adjustments and final touches before the entire team and clients are satisfied. The project is now poised for distribution.

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