Speed Up Your Web Page Load Time And Convert More In 2022

Speed up your web page load time and convert more in 2022

As you all know that speed matters, no one likes to visit a page that takes time to load. So this can a lot of your customers away from your business. It is so important. Google rank dose whitesides who load faster, add users like to leave your website after 3 seconds. Therefore loading time is very important for your business to convert more.

Why does speed up your webpage matter?

High bounce rate

It will give your business a higher bounce rate as customers expect your website to load in less than 2 seconds. If it takes more than 3 or 4 seconds the customer will likely go with another website.

Low ranking

Search engines rank those websites which are speedy. If you have a slow website, you will rank lower on Google. This will take away a lot of your potential customers.

Low conversion rate

A delay of one second can cause around 7 to 8% of dropping in your website conversion. That means your every second is important in your webpage.

Website speed is very important on the internet. The faster your website is, the more people will like to connect with you and ultimately you will get more conversions.

So let us see some of the ways how you can speed up your website and convert more in 2022

Reduce server request

You have to reduce the request of your server so that your page can load fasters. Also, there is a compressive option is available which can reduce your server request. Go to your website and inspect these elements that are slowing your website.

Optimize large images

There are a lot of factors that can affect your website speed and using high-quality images is one of them. Therefore compress your website images to a point where you can reduce the size and retain the quality as well.

Website hosting

Website hosting is another most important factor, without good website hosting your website will not be able to load faster. Therefore it is always advisable to go with the best website hosting.

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