Tackle The 7 eCommerce Problems With A Platform-Based Solution

Tackle The 7 E-Commerce Problems With A Platform-Based Solution

It is very common to face problems with eCommerce platforms but the main thing is to make a successful debut in this eCommerce world. It is very important to choose the right platform if you want to own an eCommerce platform so that it might fit your current and future requirements.

So, let us tackle the main 7 eCommerce problems with a platform-based solution.

Slow page loading issues: Always make your website fast-loading as it will quickly impact the customer experience and findability. A slow page will also reduce the conversion rate by 7%.

Your eCommerce app doesn’t integrate third-party apps: It is very important to have a seamless connection between different systems of any digital transformation.

Your site is not scalable, flexible, and robust: Your site should be scalable and flexible as it is the major issue in the e-commerce business and most of the owners ignore this.

Your online website is facing security vulnerabilities: It is one of the challenges of eCommerce security that the site is not fully secured and customers then leave the website. Your e-commerce platform should be fully secured to earn the trust of your customers.

Your eStore is not optimized for mobile: If your site will not be mobile-friendly, you will lose huge traffic as 70% of the users use mobile phones to search for anything.

Your online store does not support effective product uploading: Most owners ignore the most important part of product information which leads to customer ignorance and they leave the site. You should always add full information about your product so that your customers get full details.

Your eCommerce site is not SEO friendly: If you will not optimize your website, your site will not appear on the first page of Google and this will lead to a high rate of conversion as your customers will not be able to see you.

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