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The top three ranking factors are ‘Content’ according to Google. What makes Content good according to SEO? We evaluate and assess the making of an excellent SEO content.

For a modern SEO, effective content marketing is significant. Only a perfect content with SEO strategy will see you through in a modern digital market. SEO loses its sheen without the right content.

The prominence of SEO is because of content which positions it among the run-of-the-mill blog posts that appear on the internet. Moreover, Google has stated that content is one of the top three ranking factors for organic search.

Let us try and comprehend. Mind you, search engines anyway do not provide checklists for “high-quality content” and probably have no plans to do so in future. It is we who pour over search results analyzing it by creating massive spreadsheets and facilitate in bringing you truly a comprehensive guide in order to create ‘high quality’ SEO content via Google Analytics etc.

SEO – Content Strategy

SEO as a promotional tool is being created with great content in mind by most marketers. They evaluate their creation and integrate appropriate keywords and links. However, we would advocate that an effective content marketing strategy should begin with the right keyword and user intent research. Designing a content strategy is not difficult once you know the queries your audience is using or the kind of content they are seeking. This helps in answering specific questions after filtering options and move ahead.

Excellent Content

  • Content that is excellently created helps the reader to thoroughly complete a specific task: the Lengthy content of 1000 plus words is likely to rank better in organic results in part because it is thorough. Stay oriented on the content.
  • Appealing features to clear next step or call for action: If you are in the know of your buyers’ journeys, your content can be visible and tell you about your readers’ needs.

Designing Good Content

User experience design or UX for short, if good, SEO turns out to be excellent. It is the tendency of users if they are engaged; they consume more content by interacting and sharing. Therefore, check the overall layout ambiances in detail and feed good content to keep the users engaged. You will discover a variety of logical ideas for making an excellent, sticky or thought leadership contents. Every idea of the content could be well-meaning and worth taking note of and should cover the following:

  • Eloquent, Clear and Unambiguous
  • Surprising and unexpected novel ideas
  • Substantial, tangible and relevant
  • Authentic, legal and trustworthy
  • Entertaining and Educational
  • Informative and practical

While including the above in your content design, keep your audience in mind as your message is for the general public at large and should be understood by search engines as well.

High-Quality should qualify the following:

To be written specifically for the audience in the simple style, to be grasped by everybody.
Provide social sharing buttons but ensure your content is worthy of sharing.
Make provision for quick scanning. Short paragraphs, callouts, bullet points, bold text, numbered lists, sometimes quotes, make reading a pleasure and understand.
Strong Titles and H1s allow actionable tiles and usage of keywords strategically. Alternately, you could seek the assistance of Co Schedule that offers some good headliner tool.
To feature ideal results, common objections and/or time frames in sub-headers can help. Expect and foresee the audiences’ apprehensions and concerns.
Should be one above the current SERP winners. Find out the competition and review the pages that currently rank prominently for target keywords. Ensure a superior content design.

Creation of Right Content

What are annoying are typographical misprints and errors happening unwittingly in an excellent creation. Though there is no indication that grammar qualifies for ranking, but it is basically the credibility before UX or user experience that you would feel abashed about.

It is a good SEO practice of citing sources and linking to other authorities. Moreover, the outbound links demonstrate to a search engine that you are in the know of your creation and that your association is with the right type of audience.

High-quality content should have the following:

Errors and omissions should be avoided as far as possible which can happen only after proper proofreading….counter checking, read over and over. Make someone else read to ensure foolproof content. Bingo, you have a content ready that is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes.
Good and only known source links must be considered. Links from an unknown source may backfire and spoil the whole effort. Bank on the reputable source to avoid software crash. Wikipedia counts as a good source to Google irrespective of what others say.

Fact checked and check the listed content. Statistics furnished by others may have omissions and faults, therefore find the source and provide the correct information.

Keyword Usage

You may have begun with the right keywords and intent research, but have you examined how the keyword is being used in the specific content? Perfectly done content to satisfy SEO and Google is the norm. Besides, the latter is smart enough to identify common synonyms viz., bold letters on the SERP etc. So choose the right keyword befitting your business. Superfluous keywords are a strict no-no as it is not effective anymore. Users look for the right keywords.

High-quality content should contain the following:

It is elementary to stuff with primary keyword. For searching the right keyword, is to visualize and use the ‘Find’ feature in your document. In the event, it does not produce any result, key in some synonyms.
Undoubtedly, Google is getting better and better by the day, at understanding related keywords. No need to panic. Get thematic subsections with the help of primary related keywords together.

The natural use of keywords and related alternatives in content is essential. These could be in the form of synonyms, plurals, abbreviations etc. The natural use of keywords in image text is another option to be taken note of. To find a right place for a descriptive language, image titles, alt text and captions can be generally used.

However, do not force keywords but apply them as applicable in the context. The natural use of keywords in titles is for giving importance to readers. Make sure, you keep the target keyword at the beginning of your title/H1. The natural use of keywords in the URL is easy if you have already applied in the title. The natural use of the first 100 words of keywords and variants may look out of place but use them as much as possible.

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