The Effects Of User Experience (UX) On Your SEO

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UX design and SEO are directly related to each other, the better SEO-friendly UX designs result in better search engine rankings. Improving UX designs results in improved SEO running and better user retention.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience is related to the designs and web experience of any web asset whether a mobile application or a website. It is related to how your web asset engages with the users. It includes – web designs, web structures, and more.

Key Performance Indicators:

Here are the few KPIs that helps in improving the UX of any web asset-

Bounce Rate: It is the percentage of users who exit your website after just viewing a single page, such pages include – home page or landing page. Most of the time visitors leave the website due to bad UX designs. Moreover, a website with good UX reduces the bounce rate and boosts up SEO rankings.

Page Dwell Time: here is another KPI that is considered by Google. “Time-Dwell” amount of time spent on a specific page. Longer time is considered as a positive sign by google but, shorter time is considered as a negative sign. Therefore, people spent most of their time on websites having good UX designs.

UX design Factors:

Website page Speed: website page speed is one of the important factors that affect SEO rankings. As per Google guidelines for SEO, the website should be loaded within 3 seconds. Users leave 90% of the slow-loading websites.

Friendly URL Structure: URL structure is another crucial aspect to get your website ranked on search engines. URL structure should be easy to understand by the user that he/she can guess what’s inside the link.


Responsive: Today, most of the google searches are being searched through mobiles. Therefore, Google is only prioritizing responsive websites over desktop websites. So if you want to get your website ranked go don’t forget to make your website responsive.

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