The ultimate guide to creating a startup landing page in 2022

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A startup landing page or LP is highly likely to be the very first ‘real’ interaction between a visitor and you, whether it’s your homepage, a link from an advertisement, or the result of a popular search term. At first glimpse, your visitors get a memorable impression that makes or breaks a sale.

Your landing page should hold the audience’s attention, wow them, convey purpose, and prove that it can offer a credible solution to their problem.

Effective landing pages create value for your business in multiple ways. Some of them are,

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Gives target prospects
  • Correct metric tracking
  • Co-branding possibility
  • Focused design & copy
  • Best SEO & SERP rank
Essential Elements of Landing Page

Some elements go into making the best version for your landing page.  Here is a list of elements that must be followed in your LP in the best possible way, to convert more customers or others:

Catchy & effective Headline

The starting of your landing page needs an attention-holding headline to attract and hold the attention of website visitors. The headline should ideally tell anyone who reads it what your product or service is all about. Since it needs to protect your product’s center in an affecting way, it should not be too long.

Describing subheaders

Subheaders are the best part or main motive of what you want to offer customers. Subheaders highlight features that set you’re offering and unique characteristics that only your product can give them.

Using Images & Multimedia

Visual elements on your startup landing page that prop up what you sell – whether its goods or services – go a long way in convincing potential customers to make that crucial purchase decision. Think about it yourself – are you more likely to buy from an attractive website.

Call to action

Last but not the least, the button(s) that take customers to checkout/signup/subscription/lead generation forms should stand out. Use color schemes, innovative text, or out-of-the-box ideas to catch up with the landing page visitors to buy your product/service or sign up for your lead database.

You can never be sure with a one-size-fits-all talk when it comes to landing pages. A good landing page will give you lots of new customers by convincing the visitors that what you offer benefits them in the way they want.

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