What is Return On Investment(ROI) ?

Return on investment is actually the measure of performance of the business used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. It measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost.

Good-Website, Good-ROI:-

For every dollar spent, if there is atleast more than one dollar in return, its a good sign and indicates a positive Return on investment and you can re-invest in the market. Better the ROI , higher the chance of increased profits, reduced expenses, improved operating efficiencies and increased brand popularity. A business should have a good website which boosts the online marketing arena. A website is considered valuable only if it has the ability to convert visitors into customers.

Measure ROI Of Website:-

Measure of ROI for an ecommerce website is (Income – Expenses) / Expenses = Return on Investment.

Following are the tips to improve a website’s ROI.

Powerful Social Media Marketing

A good content embed website always draws more visitors. By having a good social media exposure, the traffic of the website can be increased.

Inbound links:-

Inbound links, also termed as referrals or referring URL’s, are very much important in increasing the search engine rankings and bringing in the leads.

Landing Page Conversion Rate:-

Landing page converson rate is calculation of the percentage of the visitors landing on your website who turns into customers. Higher the conversion rate, larger the purchases of your products.

Bounce Rate:-

Bounce rate is the percentage of new visitors who leave your website without viewing more than one page and this drastically effects the search engine rankings. Lower the bounce rate , the better.

Font Size:-

Fresh content with increased font size certainly attracts the users and keeps them engaged in reading the baseline of the website from start to finish without skipping, leads to good ROI in all probabilities.

Meta title:-

Its’s good if you present your services /products/brand’s names in the meta title. Making simple changes to your website certainly helps you to get more enquires and increased leads.

Put your best foot forward:-

Identify what works best for you by discovering your inner-core strengths and polish the business development skills . Show your best version possible in terms of the quality of services which separates you from the herd which effortlessly increases the sales.

Experiment & Develop:-

There is always room for business development. Experiment by incorporating different channels and strategies like digital and content marketing on various platforms which increases the exposure of your website.

Coupon Codes:-

Coupon codes are a innovative way to get people engaged in sticking to your product. Use different coupon code for each service so that you can calculate highest ROI gaining product/service.


Automation of the website facilitates to maximize ROI by using software automation tools like scheduling posts for social media advertisements in advance which also saves a lot of time.


The content of the website when embed with video, grabs the user’s attention and helps to get you more leads.

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