Top 13 logo design styles for your business

Latest logo design trend

Flat Design

Dimensional and gaudy images, fancy textures, shadows, vignettes, and gradients are archaic. Try to have trending designs; shipshape, uncluttered, simple and minimalist visual representations to bring about effective logos.

Handmade Logos

Handmade logos always remain exceptionally classic. By using this technique, a wide range of smart effects can be crafted; say vintage, antiquated metaphors, and representation of children.


Formerly to add volume and dimension to logos, designers used to apply vibrant colors with unique matching combinations.  Times have changed, now this effect is achieved with muted shades or flat and material design colors.


Minimal colors, clean forms with a sharp focus to create a smart and complete logo that will stand out among the rest. Also eliminating superfluous elements allows to effectively using it across multiple displays to make heads turn.

Letter stacking

Judicious use of attractive texts can speak better than words.  Designers present crisp text but follow the logo-making principles.

Text logos

Designers will always have the liberty to brilliantly play with fonts. The text styles will effectively present great results after blending an array of styles by increasing, decreasing, kerning, etc.


The best lettering design solution for some business will remain etched in peoples mind having been long-established for a while.

Line Art

Line art uses a solid single-color line to attain a combination of well-balanced text or image.

Black & White Logos

Classically old is gold and evergreen! Many designers successfully use the time-tested black and white, charcoal or grey shade, instead of using a color palette.

Overlapping Gradients

Popular and top-ranking brands including MasterCard are using this technique which was once common in animal-related logos.

Geometric Shapes

In the coming years, geometric patterns will continue to command their presence.  Creating a unique logo is an art.  One can hardly make mistakes with geometric shapes.

Framed Text

This distinctive method will inspire and impress upon your customers on your company’s name or message and a reliable technique to design a presentable logo that conveys the message across.

Negative Spaces

The fashion of cutting images out of negative space continues to hold sway.  As a result, designers brilliantly craft out magnum opus.

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