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The technology in general and smartphone technology in particular is way ahead of the development curve that is beyond one’s wild imagination. Think of it, smartphones have become so important that one cannot do away with it (even) for a moment; it is something like an extended finger of one’s hand!

Significantly, the steadfast progress of mobile app development trends started in good stead. We owe the app developers more than just a mere thank you for this evolution. The users are also equally responsible for progressive trend that has simplified our modern lives.

Technically, things are changing for the better as we observe the mobile applications also look brighter and shiner. In keeping with the changing and developing trend, we take a look at the prospects in the year 2020.
We have prepared a list of the top mobile app technology trends that are probably going to rock the industry in the year 2020:

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:-

We are not new to Artificial Intelligence or AI. Picking cue from this phenomenon, many industries are pursuing to combine the system with human intelligence.
For promoting the efficiency through artificial intelligence, the efforts shown by the manufacturing and medical sectors is overwhelming. Thanks to the high precision and the capability of capturing events in real-time that has made this possible.
It is pertinent to note that the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence aids in critical activities like mobile app development. Also an important point to be noted is even if it is iOS app development or Android app development, it can pick up the procedure of app building from previous data, identify issues and troubleshoot them in real-time; the solution is at hand.
There is more to it, with the combination of IoT or internet of things and AI, the need to tap your fingers to get tasks done is things of the past. Just relax let AI control simultaneously your devices, houses, automobiles, etc. all by itself.

Following are some future AI trends:

• Predicting user behaviors
• Integration of AI with IoT
• AI-enabled face unlock
• AIOps for automating IT functions
• Smart and hi-definition camera with subject identification
• Adaptive battery for increased battery lifespan
• High app reliability for cyber security
• Capability to translate language and voice

2. Blockchain Technology:-

Blockchain technology, besides making inroads into the mobile app development segment goes much beyond IT buzzwords and cryptocurrencies
Blockchain technology is a decentralized database,where the chain of blocks is present on more than 1 PC simultaneously. These blocks continuously build as new data gets recorded. As the new data gets added, the old blocks are saved. A copy of the complete database is received by everybody.
This fool proof technique prevents breaching of data, creating fake documents, or even an error is committed by anybody the data can be traced back. The block chain technology is technically amazing.

Following are some trends of Blockchain expected in future:

• Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
• Trading on cryptocurrency exchange
• Asset tokenization
• Blockchain in anti-piracy

3. Internet of Things:-

None of us would have ever imagined that the internet would become an integral part of our lifestyle.Further, if you think that the internet cannot control everything in our lives, you should just opt for the Internet of Things.
Many companies have begun working on a transition to IoT app development. It is therefore predicted that IoT devices will be as omnipresent as smartphones in 2020.
Following are some IoT trends expected in future:
• IoT in healthcare
• AI-enabled IoT devices
• Self-driving and smart automobiles
• Smart homes and cities

4. 5G Wireless Technologies:-

In 2020, look out for the 5G wireless service which apart from being the top tech trends in mobile app development will also play an important role in mobile sector.
The 5G wireless services apart from the high speed also serve other functionalities like:
• 3D gaming
• Augmented Reality
• Data security
In order to enjoy faster network speed for improved performance by all users, the app developers should design it keeping the users in mind. The 5G services offer an extensive range of opportunities, anyway.

5. Instant Mobile Apps:-

Though, small in size in comparison, the instant mobile apps provide basic functionalities, besides one need not download them on mobile devices. A common question would be; but why do one need to download these subset apps?
One of the major advantages related to instant apps is app demos, as far as users are concerned. These apps provide a teaser insight of an app’s complete version and make it much simpler to decide what that app is like to be, before selecting to download it.
As a matter of fact, these apps have made better ways of reaching out to target audiences who have not installed them and successfully convince them to install the same.

6. Beacon Technology:-

With the aim of improving mobile visibility and experience, beacon technology,- that uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals enables the app on your device to show you where you can have your preferred products, their costs, and other specifications.
The technology is remarkable; when your device enters a beacon’s zone, the particular app instantly gets this signal and offers appropriate notifications and instructions for the users.
Beacon is a part of both iOS and Android app development following Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone.
2020 promises many beacon-enabled applications. Some are listed below:

• The Beacon in physical games
• Beacon enabled mobile payment
• The Beacon in travels and tourism
• Beacon in healthcare

7. Wearable Devices:-

Wearable devices in already available in the market; like trackers, fitness bands, smart-watches and even smart rings! These novelty wearable have changed our way of interaction with smart devices in recent times.
A wearable needs a platform to operate. For example, Android Smartwatches sync with WearOS and Apple Watch needs WatchOS. Hence, developers must ensure to fit in their apps with wearable without any flaw. Predicted future wearable trends in 2020 are as follows:

• Less dependence on Smartphones
• Upsurge in the use of fitness trackers

8. Mobile Wallets:-

The growth in online banking and E-Commerce has added to the outstanding development in online payment options available for all users. With the arrival of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, clients are gradually moving to m-Commerce.

Nevertheless, the advent of Blockchain into mobile payments segment to strengthen the apps with safer money transaction processes is encouraging.
In recent times, the need to integrate a payment gateway into an app has become necessary. In the past, plastic money replaced cash and now the plastic money itself will get replaced…what a progressive technical development!
Some upcoming mobile wallet app development trends are:

• Contact less payment
• Safer and more secure mobile wallets
Furthermore, in the mobile wallets, encrypted security ensures the safety of users’ money, which is very important. The haste in the mobile wallet trend is due to the hike in the online payment systems that need to be attended more rapidly with proper secure channels for money transactions, virtually.

In Conclusion

All these mobile app development trends will definitely grow the app industry rapidly in the coming years. The healthy competition among mobile app developers will certainly increase in 2020. Stay awake like an owl and keep a watch on the trends before working on your app.

Weigh the pros and cons before embarking into new mobile app developing innovation process. It is going to be a challenge for you, if you are new to the industry. Still, with industry experts in this field, you can always find out the

best mobile app development trend for your app.
Hopefully, you have now understood the nuances of how to achieve success in 2020. Remember to follow the above-discussed mobile app development trends while creating an app and implementing them.

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