Top Web Design Trends to follow in 2019

web design trend 2019

New Year! New Resolution! New Trend! If you want to impress your client or boss and get appreciated by them, it’s time to plan and understand the Web Design Trends to dominate in 2019.

The world is moving rapidly with new technologies & trends. It is very important to be updated with new changes. Below are a few trends which will help you stay updated with the latest technological changes.

1: Responsive design

Every designer is aware that responsive design is in the mainstream. The first impression is everything. The user visiting a website for the first time will want them to have a positive experience, irrespective of the platform. Having a responsive website is amazing with additional benefits of better SEO, low bounce rates and high conversion rates.

2: Minimalistic

Minimalist has taken over since the past few years. You can find minimalism in art and architecture. It’s a style of innovative thinking and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Simplicity is the key to success said by an author. Good designs help the user to grab information in a short period of time. Minimalistic design will make good user experience and a better conversion rate.

3: Dynamic Video background

Having a short video is way much better than text and images. It gives the user an easy way to inculcate the information and understand the web page and product. Video helps user spend longer time on the page which is good for SEO and Conversion rates.

4: Speed

TWO- THREE seconds! That’s all user will spend time on your website. Some research says 60% of user wants to spend less than 3 seconds to load. Website load time also affects the SEO ranking. Designers need to reduce the page load time.

5: Utilizing Color Branding

Color branding has become a new trend these days. Basically, if you have a product than color branding is the best thing you can apply on your website. This will enable user experience to the whole new level of satisfaction. Our research suggests 70% of users are influenced by the right choice of color.

6: Design tools

Despite the type of website – minimalistic or responsive design – tools are one of the mainstreams for design. These design tools will be popular in 2019. You can always use this software for a vibrant yet cool website design.

Affinity Designer- Prototyping Tool

Font map- Font tool

Sublime Text- Coding

AE:Powerful dynamic visual processing software

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