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E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce technologies involving commercial transaction via an internet platform.  The emerging online retail stores are not new anymore with most people already familiar with popular online shopping spots like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart.  Basically, online shopping involves vendors selling their products by displaying pictures with descriptions in order to attract customers who select their products and buy them through the online payment mode.

However, with time the technology is poised to change in order to maintain the likings of customers and be visible in the competitive online market.  It is not easy to co-exist in such a market condition if an online firm does not adapt to the change, others will grow and stay put.

Some latest E-Commerce technologies currently in vogue in limited locations and some that will be used in future are listed below:

  • Digitizing the Storefront

It has been found that the popularity of the traditional brick-and-mortar industry will never lose its sheen inspite of various online retail stores mushrooming. A novel way is required to be adapted for maintaining people’s interest. Some innovative ideas that could create an impact are in the form of Storefront Digitizing; something like Walmart, Delta Airlines or eBay have reformed using the memory mirror technology. This is actually a virtual mirror where a customer sees himself/herself and get a feel of how he/she would appear wearing a favourite outfit, though not literally. The virtual mirror stores the customers’ information their likes, dislikes, and interact with them when the particular item with the right color or size is available at the store. This evolving technology will go a long way in establishing a new trend in E-Commerce concept.

  • Chatbot

Since 1966, Chatbots has considerably evolved as a smarter technology. Thanks to machine learning and big data technology, that processing speeds and to contextual awareness response have improved involving human interaction only when required in an emergency. The bot acts in an informal way and the navigational experience is more conversation-based which enables to gather information easily.

  • Beacon Technology

Beacon technology enables different types of devices to connect with each other via Bluetooth Low Energy; acts similarly as the classic Bluetooth but with a provision to extend to not beyond 50 meters.  Beacon technology is an application that does not need high battery power.  As soon as the consumer enters the ‘Zone’ the Beacon technology gets activated and ensures sending the deals, offers and anything connected to the promotion of products in real time. All the same, the devices need to be connected with each other and after connecting it is called ‘beacons’. In 2006 this technology was originally belonged to Nokia.  It is now marketed by Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The Technology has become more sophisticated; the Apple’s iBeacon is capable to connect with iPhones and also Android phones.

  • Direct Social Media Purchase

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are already involved in this and they have successfully achieved over 60 percent of the sales. Now the customers need to only click the ‘Buy now’ button directly from the site’s page and proceed to make payment online.

  • Voice Assistants

Based on the IoT (Internet of Things) is an efficient and convenient voice-activated technology.  The user’s voice command is heard and tasks performed effectively. Be it tasks like searches, purchases, any help related to online shopping, or general information etc.  It can turn off the light while performing the commanded tasks to save energy. The best examples are Alexa-Amazon’s Echo and WeChat of China.  Amazing tasks are performed by WeChat; it books taxi, buys movie tickets etc.

  • Delivery by Drone and Droid

Of late, Drones are performing some amazingly unimaginable feats. They deliver pizza and foodstuffs among other things to notified civilian address. Indeed it is considered to be one of the most pioneering technologies happening in this generation. Moreover, it is going to shape up the future retail industries and take it to the next level.

The Drone s are capable of flying at the rate of 60 miles per hour at an altitude of 400 feet with a carrying capacity of 2 pounds of items. Though this concept has not been accepted widely but is in the testing stage, which makes it is quite clear that there will be a time when same-day or even same-hour shipping would be a reality with Drones flying.

Similarly, Droid a tiny robotic machine carrying capacity and shapes that follow commands and performs the tasks in accordance with the given directives. These machines move on the ground on the pedestrian lane and are capable to handle weight anywhere between 20 and 30 pounds in less than 30 minutes. With nine cameras to view the surroundings panoramically, they are adept in climbing up and down the stairs.  What more, they stream live videos and have microphone to interact with the customers and a GPS tracking between the source and destination. Their sensors are capable of sensing any interruptions like foot traffic on sidewalks etc. Droids donot require to get parked at a parking place unlike the traditional delivery system where parking is essential.This tiny droid would quickly reach the delivery address and hand the item to the respective customer, without the typical interruptions that are faced by delivery boys. Besides, they do they contribute in vehicle emissions.

  • Improved Reality Device

Get a 3-dimensional experience of beholding the virtual items by enhancing the real objects with the virtual ones. This can be tried out even while at home with headsets or goggles.  If you got plans to decorate your home but confused to make up your mind regarding making the right purchase, you can just try the virtual objects whichever are visible at the website. This simple exercise will facilitate in visualizing what looks better on your sofas or shelf or walls, or center table etc. thereafter you could go ahead and shop accordingly. There is no need to randomly choose and end up being indecisive of what would look good while booking dresses that are available online on you or in your home.  Take a virtual experience before actually purchasing by make a wise choice. This will not only reduce the time but also there are chances of returning the products.


The future is technologically rich.  Therefore, we need to grow and adapt to changes that are slowing evolving. We have to overcome some hiccups and technical setbacks initially as the awareness is limited among people.These are teething problems. Nevertheless, such a shift becomes compelling sometimes. Go to think of the inevitable shift from physical keyboard to touchscreen.  There will be no choice left but to learn new technologies that get introduced over time.  Changes are better and good anyway for the nation at large.

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