Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Media

Artificial intelligence is the activity devoted to make machines intelligent, and intelligence is that quality that enables an entity to function appropriately and with foresight in its environment. Artificial intelligence technologies include predictive analytics, automated reporting and communications, voice recognition and response, and big data.

Artificial Intelligence in true sense stands as an example of a science fiction turning into fact.  Artificial Intelligence has a tremendous impact in Digital Media and definitely made life easier by providing astounding results.

Artificial intelligence allows marketers to grow their brand by creating strong connections with target customers by using ‘machine learning’ algorithms (making decisions at faster rate) and tools.

Businesses today are widely adopting Artificial intelligence to automate their regular functions.

✥ Natural Language Generation/ Natural Language Processing (NLP):-

Natural Language Generation/Processing is a software program that can churn out readable text with matching data.

✥ Segmentation:-

Artificial Intelligence helps the digital media marketers in identifying the target customers by categorizing them into segments based on their location and area of interests.

✥ Chatbots and Messaging:-

Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots are built using open APIs (Application Program Interface) to support the messaging platforms which are a rage right now.

✥ Search and Filtering:-

Google search has become like a daily regimen in the Digital world. Google’s Artificial Intelligence engine is instrumental in processing the search results vividly by taking the technology to the next level.

✥ Website content Personalization:-

Artificial Intelligence is successful in providing a custom made experience to the visitors by adjusting the algorithms from time-to-time, according to the user’s tastes and choice of preferences.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will transform the internet and global economy by creating opportunities ranging from innovative services and breakthroughs in science, to the augmentation of human intelligence and its convergence with the digital media.


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