Use of 5 senses in writing perfect product page for eCommerce store

product description

We human beings are one of the amazing species on earth. Though there are some flaws, we are managing in a good way! Well, for doing so especially for making decisions we unconsciously use our sensory system. And that’s the magic trick which has helped us to make our lives better and sometimes saved us from disasters. These small sensors are of great use in data perception. That’s pretty cool when shopping, right!

Here’s a scenario.

You visit a store for purchasing a product. Primarily, you will visit a few shops in short market research and then decide to go for purchase. Product selection is made based on various attributes like color, texture, pattern, design, fabric feel, durability, and so on. For coming to this conclusion, we unconsciously use the sensory system.

In this blog, we will try to specify some trick for eCommerce store manager’s to influence potential customers.

Once your eCommerce website is set-up and figured all keywords, the next thing you need to do is product information. Because based on this section your customers are going to make a decision whether to buy or leave the site. Basically, the product page makes the shoppers comfortable while they land here.

For knowing tricks about writing cool product description that wins customers jump back and check-out our blog.

So let move forward and check out how this sensory trick can be used in a virtual marketplace. Let’s start with eyesight.

Definitely, the product range will be the apple of your eyes!

  • Place high quality of images. This offers shoppers with the confidence while buying journey.
  • Images must be placed from different angles. Offering one or two images is the same as placing the product in a glass case.
Give a Midas touch!

It is important for web stores to put forth the feel of the product they are displaying. Especially for clothing stores, this is certainly the first good step for gaining trust before the shoppers commit to buying the product. A skillful product description easily convinces the shoppers to buy the product they have actually seen.

For example, check the product description.

ecommerce product description

This works similarly in the case of writing product description. You can be more descriptive to evoke the emotions related to the product. eCommerce websites engaged in selling fragrance products can weave the story with emotions.

For edible products, you can include a tempting description of where the product comes alive with the inclusion of flavor-able adjectives.

The last but not the least sensory element to included and influence is the sound aspect. In this domain, you can add videos and audios. Write the description that can value your customer-whether expert or novice.  Though high-quality visuals are important, using universal language is cherry on the cake!ecommerce cherry on cake




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