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Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put everything in disarray but this situation did not prevent the evolving digital marketing techniques. Well, the E-commerce and website support personnel like developers have been playing an important role in organizations as their functions merit strategic value. Significantly, mobile devices, multimedia and social media enhance the methods that customers interact with retailers even while data analytics offer better understanding of customer behaviour. 

Seize the opportunity to offer some easy functionality and friendly features in E-commerce sites for the convenience of customers.

It gives us immense pleasure to answer some common FAQs if you are inclined to start an E-Store. Let us check the critically essential functionalities or services that make an E-commerce website to function effectively in order to convert online consumers.

  • Swift loading time.
  • User friendly.
  • Accurate product descriptions.
  • Seamless checkout experience.
  • Clear policies.

Fast loading time is significant as more than half of the customers feel that a slow load time is the main cause to abandon a site. A delay in load time during a transaction dampens customers’ spirits resulting in high rate of shopping cart abandonment.

Needless to mention, a user friendly site is always successful as E-commerce owners know the devices and popular browsers; they want their customers to use them for a great shopping experience hence the sites are designed with these factors in mind. So make life easy for your customers, especially when they browse through the home page, category navigation and product lists should be easily accessible. E-commerce sites should also include a history of recently viewed items for customers’ convenience.

Accuracy in product description and specifications are important elements that influence to target audience searches for product information. Moreover, convenience is one of the primary benefits of E-commerce. 

A perfectly designed typical E-commerce site must ensure to eliminate inconsistencies in site information and accurately represent the product features so that the customers are not dissuaded.

Today time is the essence for your customers and they expect a seamless checkout experience. It has become a daunting task for online sellers to face shopping cart abandonment hence a seamless checkout experience is imperative. Make it easy for customers to complete the transactions by eliminating potential hurdles in the ordering and payment process.

Have a clear policy in place so that buying from an online store create trust in the minds of the customers about the retailer and the product quality, service and guarantee to return again. Effective E-commerce sites should follow flexible policies with regard to warranties, exchange, product return or refund.

What are the requisites to make my E-commerce website more popular?

Some of top ways to generate more sales on your E-commerce site, in the order of priority, are as follows:

  • Do not ignore your existing loyal customers
  • Display icons that certify your site is trustworthy
  • Use video demonstrations of your products
  • Use photographs for customers’ testimonials
  • Register your customers’ mobile devices for online shopping
  • Be generous to offer discounts

Some of the most common features of E-commerce website are:

  • Content management know-how
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Search engine optimized code and layout
  • Reporting tools
  • An integrated blog or articles section
  • E-mail marketing integration
  • Multiple payment options (Credit card, PayPal, etc.)
  • The ability to scale up with your platform

You will observe that even though the E-commerce space offers opportunity to generate revenue and a captive marketplace, but it would be in the fitness of things that merchants must work a strategy to exceed customer expectations in terms of convenience of shopping site functionality or product quality. Bear in mind that businesses of all sizes have the potential to succeed in an online selling arena by combining customer insights with the best practices established through customer relationship,

eTCS can help you achieve the above goals.

At eTCS, we know how vital the small things can be for E-commerce, especially in a B2B prospect. Our team of expert developers has helped create and customize many robust websites for our B2B clients for a while now that cover all the bases. With eTCS, you will have a plethora of options and features at your disposal that you need to succeed, putting you in a position to have an FAQ page with appropriate answers that excite and entice new customers. To find out more about how eTCS can benefit your business succeed in B2B & B2C eCommerce, call or click to contact us today!

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