How Video Marketing: The Rising Digital Marketing Trend in 2019

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Over the decade the digital marketing trends have been changing significantly. New digital marketing trends are arising due to high rise in the use of internet globally. Now every other can be seen using smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs etc. People have become more accustomed to these devices in their daily life, and every now and then they will be browsing social media, videos etc.

Now no one wants to read lengthy mails, email messages or products description. So it’s a time for small businesses to think about the new strategy of promoting and marketing their businesses.

So, what about video marketing for your business?

Yes, video marketing has undoubtedly become one of the newest and potential additions to the promotions and marketing toolbox. The combination of visuals and sound evoke emotion much more effectively than text alone. Video is little bit difficult and expensive, but has great ROI (Return on Investment). Creating videos need knowledge of creativity and understanding of psychology.

If you have a strong and powerful content for video, that can grip the attention of the customers and keep them engaged, then you have correctly hit at the point, and the video is going to seriously boost conversions and sales. Most of the company’s and businesses are using videos as banners on the hope page of their website which has been point of attractions for the customers.

You can make animated videos, presentation videos, advertisement and promotional videos about your company, products and services and place them on your website. These videos and be posted on video portals like youtube, vimeo and dailymotion. Al well these videos can be posted and shared on social media applications like, facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, whatsapp etc. The reach can be larger audience and shared globally through internet.

The advertising video with excellent creativity and emotional connectivity can spread on internet within shot period of time with millions of views.

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