Voice Search SEO-6 Tips to Optimize Your eCommerce Website

Voice Search SEO: 6 Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website

Many people are using voice research tools to discover new products and place orders for them. And if you don’t want to miss a chance to ignore your potential leads for your eCommerce business, you must plan for voice search SEO. So let’s get started with the sex tips you can use to optimize your eCommerce website.

Optimize questions

You are optimizing your eCommerce for voice search, and then it is very important to consider how people search for you. The way customers search for the product with voice search is much different from the way they type for the product. Therefore, considered their voice search content. This is a great way to boost your sale.

Use natural language

It is among the most important aspect to have a voice search optimized eCommerce website. Unlike type search, people use normal and natural language to search anything on Google or any other search engine.  So it is advisable to use easy lengthy and clear titles.

Create valuable content

Producing irrelevant content is nothing but a waste of time. Make sure the content that you are producing should add value to the life of your target audience. Moreover, content marketing is not just producing consistent and bulky content. Rather, producing valuable content helps both reader and writer.

Local listing optimization

For an eCommerce store, it is advisable to get listed on every local listing website and mobile app. Google, takes the necessary information about local businesses from popular and authentic business listing websites and apps.  Moreover, your business information should be correct and the same on every business listing.

Use the right Keywords

Today most people ask questions from google assistant or search nearby stores. Moreover, an eCommerce store should make a keyword strategy and produce content accordingly. As there are several other types of keywords that can be used by an eCommerce store to get voice search optimized. Question keywords, long tail and clear keywords, conversational and natural keywords.

Optimize page speed

Content is nothing if you have a slow website. In short, Google does not promote such websites. There is a study that shows – around 50% of people lose interest and go to another link. As no one likes to wait. You can check your website page loading speed using Google page speed insights.

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