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Web Hosting Services

When we are planning to design a website for our company, definitely a question arises, what is the next step after website is ready? We need to make website live, means we need to host the website.

So where do we host the website? The answer is we have to host the website on the server.

So what is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that allows posting the designed website onto the internet, where the website files ore placed in the hosting server space.

Types of web hosting services:

There are different types of web hosting services available for hosting the website. Depending upon the type of your website, business and budget, you need to see the available web hosting services. Web hosting offers and packages are available according to types of web hosting services.

Website builders: This type of hosting website builder services for the non-technical beginners. This type of hosting provides you the interface cpanel where you can develop you website with website building options available on the cpanel and automatically hosts your website without requiring any additional setup.

Shared Server Hosting: This is the type of hosting where multiple websites are hosted in the single server. Typically shared hosting is cost effective and affordable as its maintenance cost is share between multiple owners of the websites. The performance of this server is not that great. Basic light weight static and dynamic websites can be hosted.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS shares the same or single server. The performance is better than that of shared hosting services. It offers minimum allocations of websites. It is cost effective service. Medium level of dynamic websites can be hosted.

Dedicated Server Hosting: For dedicated server hosting one can have completed server. You can have server resources and control entirely without sharing with others. The performance is very fast and excellent. The operational cost is very high, and you will need to take care of complete operational cost. High end webs applications, dynamic websites, web portals and ecommerce portals can be hosted here.


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