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website design trends

Creating A Great Website

The quality of websites in the future will be very significant and your website is your first digital impression, therefore ensure it a great one. It should represent everything you want your prospective customers to recollect and know about your business whenever he opens your site. There is nothing to write home about as far as seasoned marketers and other business owners are concerned.  In order to meet the growing needs of their users, established businesses are always trying to improve the quality of their websites. Many times you see people visiting your website because they seem to be appealing and pleasing to look at besides available to the visitors instantly with ease. However, a slow-moving website may give a poor impression despite having a great business.

In the coming years, the quality of your website will be a more judgmental involving analysis of the merits and shortcomings. Your competitors may have a great website with high expectations so it becomes imperative and necessary to match them or even surpass. Stay in a highly competitive environment with a perfect website for the convenience of your users to browse your products or services, even to make purchases and have interaction.

Here we see what goes into the making of a good website. How can you set your website distinctly stand out from competitors? We have attempted some key website tips with a sharp focus on future trends.

Top 10 Websites -Future Trends

  • Design That Speaks

It has become necessary in an evolving online business to design a website that is responsive.  Incidentally, this concept is popular for quite some time now. Following the Google update, ‘Mobilegeddon’ of 2015 everyone is rushing to upgrade their websites in order to upgrade for effortless viewing on any devices such as mobile, desktop or tablet.

The above trend will be followed in the coming years. Keeping pace with new features of mobile devices getting introduced regularly, a responsive website design is going to become indispensable.

  • Maintaining Restraint

Quite a few businesses are adopting web design back to the basics with restrained and marginally simple designs, layout, leaving a generous amount of blank pages etc.

Few websites have implemented ‘Flat Design’.  Flat web design uses flat images which are two-dimensional and are aesthetically appealing coupled with bright colors on a large amount of open space. In reality, flat design perfectly fits the bill of a responsive web design making it a great trend to follow in future.

  • User-Friendly

The success of a website which is easy, handy and convenient to the user has been the significant element. Actually, the websites with an inbuilt design and attractive images are a delight to the customer.

Naturally, a simple and functional navigation is another key feature that may get good leverage in the coming years. All the same, if the customers find it difficult to access your site, they may abandon it soon and may even opt for alternative sites.

Web pages that load instantly are a pleasure to the customers and bear significance in future; in other words, time is the essence and customers value their time. Simple ways to get to specific information quickly will be setting your website noticeably apart from the rest.

  • Symbolizing User Experience – A Norm

Looking at the way things are shaping, the future may see personalized and bespoke user experience which may even become the standard model.  Relatively speaking, it would be in the fitness of things, if a tailored user experience can be designed that allows for the content designed specifically,

The study suggests that more than 65% of online consumers get annoyed or dissatisfied when the websites do not offer promotional content that does not sync with their interests. On the other hand, a typically customized website presents largesse of personalized user experience easily incite their interests and needs.

Brace yourself for a high-quality content marketing in the coming years with key element offering useful and relevant information in different formats. This includes videos, images v/s texts which bear greater success rate than those that do not suit and satisfy modern website viewers.

In the future, marketing automation will also continue to show progress thereby making many websites to incorporate customized landing pages, banner ads, and other promotions to supplement email campaigns in the business. The practice of conventional newsletter or E-mail marketing campaign may not draw much leverage from customers in the coming years.

  • Vibrant Colors

Formerly, bright and bold colors on websites were sometimes supposed to be unsophisticated even unprofessional, in different business organizations. Nevertheless, lately, websites with vibrant colors have become more popular and acceptable by the mass.  Moreover, these websites, when viewed in high definition format, create a powerful impact on the viewers.  Additionally, they make a great difference if it is a flat design website.

  • Video As Background

Videos playing in the background of some modern websites immediately upon opening the URL are becoming a trend.  Thanks to the improved internet speed and advanced browser technology, this concept, is gradually becoming overwhelmingly popular.

  • Card-Based Web Design

Websites using card-based design are the order of the day. The main advantage of this type of design which is ultimate for users with different mobile devices as they get adjusted to different screen sizes quite easily.

Besides, it suits well by way of the theme by providing viewers with relevant information with clarity in simple short texts that can be easily understood.  Additionally, cards offer an easy way to promote user action usually by clicking through to a landing page for detailed information on a particular subject.

  • Wall-to-Wall Site Strips

A better user experience is by dividing website layouts into several rectangular sections; wall-to-wall site strips. These full-width image strips serve to break the site into clear sections of content and the image stripes can be of different lengths. They appeal to the users’ eyes as they are pleasing to gaze at and they also function well.  Thanks to the functional design aspect which breaks-up content into smaller designs.

  •  Lack of Navigation

Generally, typical navigation menus are located at the top or side of a website page. However, in recent times, many websites have been exploring and carrying out trials with rather exceptional navigation menus. For your information, not all websites have navigation ‘menu’ but an alternate way of directing or ‘navigating’ the user towards the information, they are seeking at.

The use of ghost buttons is another web design development that is becoming popular particularly among the younger generation. These ghost buttons, as the name suggests, are transparent buttons that get camouflaged in the background nicely. This presents a clearer image.  On the design front, it goes down well with the flat and minimalistic creations and may soon be widely accepted.

In order to stay in the limelight in trending web design, it is worth the investment in latest and modern website technology.

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