What is affiliate marketing? And how to earn money through affiliate marketing in 2019?

affiliate marketing benefit dubai

Do you want to earn money while you are sleeping? That’s only possible through affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting the product or services of other people or company through which you earn a certain amount of commission. You like the product; you promote to others and earn a profit in the sale.

In other words, you are getting a commission for generating sales for companies.

All you have to do is ask your affiliate to promote and sell the product and pay him a profit out of the sales he generated or be an affiliate, promotes other people or companies product and get the incentive on the sale you generated. There are many ways to earn money through affiliate marketing. Let see how you can make money through affiliate marketing

Create a Website

To get started with affiliate marketing you will need to start your own website or blog. Creating a website has been inexpensive these days. You can create your own website on WordPress. This will look more professional than having a personal blog

Stick to your Niche

Once you have created your own website, Stick to your niche means your area of specialization or the area you can easily work with to advertise the product and services. You need to know what problems you can solve for the visitors. Understand the profitability of your niche. Find out what are people desires about the product or services, what is its need.

Choose a few good products or services

So now you know your Niche, select a few products related to the Topic of your content. This is the most important part where you ought to be very careful. You will definitely not want to see your client/ visitor to be unhappy after buying the product/ service. So make sure you select the right product/service and the right merchant.

No need to sell products always

Yes that’s right you don’t need to sell the product always because various affiliate programs take on different types of payments;

Pay Per Click (PPC):  you make money once the visitor is redirected to merchants website through your own website. Whether the visitor buys the product or not you earn the money

Pay Per Lead (PPL): once the visitor provides the Contact details i.e. Name and email address to merchant website you make money. This helps the merchant to send newsletter and maintain a long term relationship

Pay Per Sale (PPS): Merchant pays you a commission for the sale.

Keep yourself updated with the trends and techniques

You will not want to be left behind as new trends and techniques are moving forward. Make sure you keep learning new techniques every day so that you even in the competitive market you survive.

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