What is Content Personalization, Why it Matters, and How to Get Started

What is Content Personalization, Why it Matters, and How to Get Started

The word content has many different meanings and can be found in many media. A piece of content can be anything from a document to a video to an image or audio. You cannot generate leads or drive conversations simply by updating your website with content.

What is content personalization?

Information customization, or offering relevant and customized content based on your audience’s interests, is critical for engaging customers on a personal level. The difference between good and exceptional sales is providing personalized advice to customers. Consumers now are accustomed to having control over who they follow on social media, which companies they connect with, and how they receive material — and tailored website content gives them the user experience they have come to expect.

Why does it matter?

Personalization meets the expectations and demands of visitors while having no detrimental impact on search engine optimization. Personalized content, on the other hand, leads to greater time spent on a website and more pages viewed. Consider the following numbers:

  • Individual or group-specific calls-to-action have a 42 percent greater view-to-submission rate than generic calls-to-action viewed by all visitors.
  • When compared to websites with no relevant material, 78 percent of US internet consumers stated content relevant to them enhances their odds of spending.
  • When the material has nothing to do with their particular interests, 74% of internet shoppers are disappointed.

How to get started?


Marketers can segment their consumers by industry, department, job title, region, gender, age-range, and other factors. Even behavior may be used to categories an audience. You may predict what a consumer wants based on their interests, preferences, and previous encounters with your business, and give precisely matched, relevant, tailored content that promotes conversions.

Personalization by persona

A persona-based customization approach, as the name suggests, includes segmenting material based on the characteristics of each persona, which can be anecdotal or data-driven, and are based on website behavior, purchase history, demographics, and other factors.

Personalization by customer journey

Instead of blatantly pushing a product, a post-click landing page utilized in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey should solely focus on warming your consumer up with a free resource or soft-sell.

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly personalized. We can help you save a great deal of time while improving the results of your omnichannel marketing campaigns if you’re looking to revamp your content personalization capabilities and are looking to introduce a new personalization engine.

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