What makes e-commerce website design feel trustworthy?

Every day, out of 10 people every 8 people browse e-commerce website and are turned into potential buyers. We hope you are one of them! So when was the last time you bought something online? How was your experience? Was it simply wonderful or frustrated?

Well, if you quietly bought the products without any hassle then it was indeed seamless design which was doing its job. That is making the product to shine!  In the latter case, it is obviously the design that made you abandon your shopping mission. Bad design leads to confused and irritated customers which in turn affects the sale.

Here’s what make your e-commerce website look trustworthy.

  •   Clear product images

Product images are a great way to communicate your brand’s style. It is single most important design aspect of any e-commerce website. Images can be a major addition to your site if they’re high quality and are added properly.

  •   Great product description

After your virtual store is set with good products, now you will need great product description to emotionally connect with your customer. A product description is a salesperson for your online store.

  • Testimonials or Reviews

Displaying reviews and testimonials are another form of social proof for your e-commerce website. Though you have an amazing product, and a great story, but everyone waits till someone else has used your product. It is the proof that someone has used the product and adds volume to the reliability of the brand.

  • Security features and trust seals

For any eCommerce store, it is must to have a security benchmark like to get an SSL certificate for your homepage. Seeing the security ensures that your customers’ details are transferred securely. Also, you can add security badges on your eCommerce website.  These are badges that you can get from SSL providers like McAfee, Verisign, Norton or Comodo and place anywhere on your site.

  • Give assurance

Trust is everything in the business world. And guarantees are an excellent way to build trust in your product. With an easy to accomplish return policy and money back guarantee in place makes the consumer feel confident in your brand.

Hope when you next build your eCommerce store, you won’t miss these sermons!  Have more ideas for trustworthy design leave us a message. We will be happy to hear from you.

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