Which elements afftects the overall performance of eCommerce store? Online & Offline

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As the holiday season is approaching, so does the New Year’s Eve! With the boom in festive and holiday sales business in the service industry are rolling up the sleeves. Here we present the list of elements an eCommerce store must have in the coming future.

The proverb-“Well begin is half done” has a huge benefit for few industries who always look forward to the next exciting features in the eCommerce industry. In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits for marketers and consumers alike.

  • Faster Shipping and Better Delivery Logistics

Ignoring the few setbacks of eCommerce platforms, there are few differentiators which are shipping time and delivery logistics. And among these aspects, Amazon tops the lists remaining the undisputed champion in eCommerce delivery and seems to retain its position for the foreseeable future.

Amazon’s plans to expand the service even further this year – reducing the time between click and delivery are likely to become one of the bloodiest fights on the e-commerce battlefield this year. Combined with other emerging technologies such as driverless freight envisioned by automotive companies such as Mercedes-Benz, logistical improvements will drive the e-commerce sector forward.

  • Greater Integration of AI and Machine Learning

Due to the advent in machine learning in eCommerce systems, the product recommendations is improved with improved search functionality. Applications like this are increasingly helpful and are able to handle more complex tasks online. This is how AI is changing the eCommerce sector. Advertisers can also expect to see greater adoption of machine learning within Google Ads and other online advertising platforms.

  • Augmented Reality Inches Closer to the Mainstream

Augmented reality is largely used in the service sector where the customer gets to leverage the functionality to testify the product beforehand purchasing it. Take Snapchat for example, that filters rather than the glittering future once promised by Google Glass and the like. We all know our favorite Swedish furniture retailer IKEA Place app late last year, which allows you to see how various IKEA products would look in the home. This year it seems that the AR is taking a giant stride toward the mainstream adoption leading the business way.

  • Voice Search Everywhere

Now a day’s many people are searching online not by text but by voice search. This is known as voice search. In the coming future, the voice will be one of the leading drivers of innovation in the e-commerce space – and not just on mobile.

  • Online research & offline purchase

People are researching online and purchasing offline. This is not just a fact but a bitter truth.  Customers like to research products online before making the offline purchase. This empowers them to find the products they want at the best possible price. Additionally to this, retailers are using storefront apps. This is shifting from desktop to mobile; e-commerce shopping will be further transformed this year by storefront apps.

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