Why Does Your Website Need An SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate

It is very easy for your customers to find you with the help of the internet; therefore, it has become a wonderful place to do business. But the problem is that anyone can use your personal information and hack your website. That is why it has become mandatory for all e-commerce websites to have SSL certificates. SSL certificates provide you unbreakable encryption and protect your data from hackers.

As per 101 domains, it is clear that less than 1 in 3 websites has an SSL certificate. So, lets’ look at the reasons that why are SSL certificates important for your website.

Protects sensitive data and ensures web security: SSL certificate eliminates the threat of hackers by encrypting your data in transit. Whenever someone will try to hack your website, or enters your websites’ personal details, it will automatically intercept the visitor’s private information.

Improves customer trust: An SSL padlock is the first indicator of building trust on a website for many users. Your visitors can also click the padlock and inspect your SSL certificate to know whether it is reliable or not. It builds trust in the eyes of the customers to shop from your store.

Enhances brand image and reputation: Your website should be properly secured, otherwise you will lose your brand’s image and your reputation. SSL certificates will protect the name, address, mobile number, payment details, and all the personal information of your customers. Therefore, a website with an SSL certificate is considered to have a high-security standard and a reputable website.

SSL certificate speeds up your website: Many people believe that SSL slows down the website. But the fact is SSL increases the speed of your website as a new web server is developed into your site called HTTP2. It helps to transfer the files faster and replaces the bulky data with binary data.

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