Why Pay For Customized Website When Website Template Can Be Bought?

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Though your question is pertinent, it is, however, significant to understand the pros and cons of custom web design and website template before you seek an answer to your above question.

This article delves, rather facilitates with comparisons to select the right choice needed for your business.

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design – Advantages

In a modern saturated web industry, one of the noteworthy advantages of custom web design is that it will make heads turn among competitors. Another important aspect of custom websites is, it is more search engine friendly than website templates making it rank higher on the search engine ladder.

Custom website adjusts well to your business needs in a better way by integrating your company’s branding, which moves to the next level. One should also take into consideration one of the factors where custom websites grow as one’s business grows. A content management system or CMS for short keeps the website updated from anywhere this is an additional benefit which is inherent of a custom built website.

 Custom Web Design– Disadvantages

A custom web design does not come cheap; you need to have a deep pocket to develop and design one, unlike the website template. Moreover, it takes more time to process and design as compared to website template. Now, owing to the complex and cumbersome process there is the possibility of a delay in commissioning the website project.

We take up the website templates and the pros and cons connected to it.

Website Templates

Website Templates – Advantages

Go to see a website template involves a much shorter development process than a custom designed website. Another major advantage of a website template is it does not pinch your pocket.  This suits business that has low budget allocation. Another advantage worth mentioning is you need not be tech savvy or mastered HTML and CSS to create website templates.

Website Templates – Disadvantages

In all probability, your website could be lost in the saturated cyberspace competition and may appear worn out. This is due to the easy online availability of website templates.

You know why website templates stay behind and dawdle on the last rung of the search engine ranking ladder? They are not designed with search engines in mind. The lack of support and browser compatibility is another major cause of poor ranking with website templates.

A website template could not be customized easily with web elements viz., images, videos or even texts according to ones needs as it is ready made. Perhaps this could be one of the perplexing draw backs.

Acquiring a Custom Web Design

Who should acquire a custom web design? There is nothing specific about it as every business needs are different. However, a perfectly crafted scalable website which is also uniquely designed and search engine friendly could be a best suited for your business. Custom web design is developed keeping in mind your business needs as it delivers a remarkable user experience. Besides, it has the added benefit of an updated and well maintained website at a low cost.

Acquiring a Website Template

Planning a business on a shoe-string budget with restriction of time to devote on complex web design process, then a website template is ideal.  In the same breath, if you are not certain about which web design is suitable for your business needs, it would be better to go for a website template.  Moreover, a website template would be a good alternative for those who are a novice in web programming yet want to create a website.


Personal preference and business needs play an important role for choosing between a website template and custom web design. Explore the options between custom web design and website template.  Before we wind up, if you know about any other factor that you feel will help readers in making the right choice, do not hesitate to share it with us in our comments section.

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