Why Sub Domains are a Bad Idea for Your Website and Blog

sub domains
What is a sub-domain?

Let us first find out what sub-domain is. Sub-domain is known to be the subdivision of the domain name. It is like an addition to the primary domain name. Most web developers create sub domains to organize their websites in a better way. Let’s take an example to be more clear about what sub domains are.

Let’s take an imaginary URL –

1. .com is the top-level domain.
2. example is the second-level domain.
3. Www is the subdomain.

To organize the website many web developers divides their website as per various division with the help of sub-domains. But, is this right to divide the website by sub-domains? Well, let’s check it out.

Why it’s a bad idea for your website and blog?

As I’ve already mentioned the usage and purpose of sub-domains. Honestly, it’s a bad idea to follow this strategy. Here are some reasons why sub-domain is a bad idea for your website and blog:

● Sub-domain makes your URL bigger and hard to remember.
● Google does not recognize sub-domains as authentic websites.
● In some of the cases hosting platforms charge the extra amount to host sub-domains.
● Sub-domains often confuse the audience as some of the websites uses sub domains as per their regional content.
● Using a sub-domain will make another website therefore; the primary website will not be benefited due to the sub domain. Moreover, you will have to follow a separate SEO process. So it’s a complete wastage of time and money.
● Above all, Google prioritize websites with a primary domain rather than a website consist sub-domain.

If you are planning to use sub-domains for SEO purposes then, it’s a completely bad idea. You should focus on your website and optimize the same to achieve successful rankings.

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