Why website need to be responsive?

Why website need to be responsive?

Just designing a beautiful website doesn’t mean that the task is accomplished. It is also necessary to make it accessible to the users by multiple mediums and in a comfortable and user friendly way. You always need to understand that now everyone has got the medium of accessing online websites. The medium varies in many different devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, PCs etc. Due to the varieties in devices the size and resolution also varies respective to each device. Each device needs a browser to access the websites. Every device has at least one inbuilt browser within it where you can access the website.

Now when you try to access the website on different devices, if the website is not responsive, the display doesn’t look professional as well none of the sections aligned properly, all the content and information of the website will look messed up. It will not look user friendly, and no one will be able to understand about the information of the website and no user would be interested to visit such websites again, which can directly impact on losing the potential clients.

So it becomes significant to understand devices and the browsers to design responsive website.

Different frameworks can be used to make the website responsive, good looking, beautiful, attractive, organised and user friendly.

Different types of CSS and JS frameworks are used to make the websites, the list are as shown below:

  • Bootstrap
  • Skeleton
  • Foundation
  • PureCSS
  • HTML5Boilerplate
  • Simple Grid
  • Unsemantic
  • Material UI
  • Base
  • Materialize
  • 960 Grid

The designers make use of these kinds of frameworks and make the website design responsive which optimizes the viewing experience of the websites and ease the reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices i.e. from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. The website then gives the professional user experience ultimately leading engagement of the users to the website, which can result in conversion to potential leads.

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