Why you should integrate your eCommerce and ERP?

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The need for eCommerce ERP integration is usually overlooked because of cost or the business disruption caused by having to change existing systems. But, the costs become worth it when you see the impact on your operations and customer experience. For pretty much every kind of retailer, putting an online store has turned into a need. The online stores offer different advantages for retailers, just as clients. In any case, keeping up an online customer-facing storefront can turn into an immense and difficult worry for retailers, if the retail storefront isn’t coordinated with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

What are the reasons that businesses are not integrating eCommerce and ERP?

Usually, organizations ignore the need for incorporating eCommerce with ERP because of expense or business intrusion brought about by altering the current system. However, when you see the impact of this reconciliation on your operations, just as customer experience, the expenses appear to be justified, despite the cost.

So now you know the reason, why ERP and eCommerce integration worth it.

Let us now see the benefits associated with the integration of ERP and an eCommerce storefront.

When an eCommerce store is integrated with the ERP system, the payment & shipping information, web orders, and web customer details to get integrated into the ERP system. It helps to upload inventory details of a particular item from ERP to an eCommerce website. In this way, there is an elimination of re-entering data, and potential errors.

The real-time data is available on the website directly from storefront. This enables the customer to view the latest orders status, shipment status, available inventory and much more. This helps back office to track order instantly and start further processing thus reducing order fulfillment lifecycle.

All the information about web sales appears in your ERP system promptly. With all information within a single touchpoint, you get to focus more on increasing the satisfaction level of a consumer. It helps business owners to get better control of their business, thus giving competitive gains.

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