Youtube Vs Vimeo Vs Dailymotion

Youtube Vs Vimeo Vs Dailymotion

If you are an entrepreneur and looking to promote your business, you need to look for better marketing strategy. The world being connected through internet and also the wide spread of mobile technology, with the rise of digitalization, it is significant to exploit the situation, by using the best strategy, that is digital marketing.

Let we suggest you the best effective promotional and marketing strategy. Yes, it is video marketing. Now the video marketing is such a powerful and potential strategy that with creativity and best content video just spreads on internet globally within very small time.

Now you want to know and make a decision that which video portal you would want to use for the marketing.

As we all know by now that there are three major video portals for video marketing which are followed and watched by high traffic of users every day.  Now in this article we will put a list of these three video sharing platforms.

  1. Youtube:- Youtube is the leading video portal with over 1 billion users watching videos. Youtube is more related to entertainment, but you can see all types of videos in it. It is managed by google and the second largest used after google search engine. There is no upload limit for youtube.
  2. Vimeo:- Vimeo is mostly community based, where specially artistic related videos are upoloaded. Vimeo focuses on small audience and has less user count as well following it compared to youtube. When it comes to quality, vimeo has far better quality videos for its users.
  3. Dailymotion:- Dailymotion is mostly like youtube having inclined towards entertainment, as well it is the second largest video sharing portal after youtube.

Definitely youtube has been winner always. So now you might have got the basic idea of video sharing portals and can think of taking decision for which video portal you would want to use for marketing and promotions of your business.

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