12 Tricks For High Converting Holiday Landing Pages

Holiday Landing Pages

A landing page is created especially for marketing purposes. The content of this page includes headlines, high-quality images, some social proof elements, and customer reviews.

So, let us have a look at some tips for high converting holiday landing pages.

Give attention to ease of navigation: The landing page should be made in such a way that your customers access all the relevant information easily.

A single product landing page: Generally, marketers promote their newly released product on their landing page to attract more visitors. It will boost your sales.

Create a sense of urgency: It is one of the great ideas to boost sales by letting your visitors know that there is a limited time offer for a product. You should add some sense of urgency by highlighting the number of hours left for this offer.

Be a marketer of few words: Try to add all the important things on your landing page and use the rest of the area for images or pictures.

Use bright colours: You should use the colours of the festival like red, green, blue that will attract the viewers and exude happiness.

Include relevant images: As you are making a landing page for holiday marketing, try to add pictures more than words to reflect your holiday spirit.

Use of rich media: You should use some GIFs and videos to provide a touch of visual zest on your landing page.

Include social media proof: Try to add some social media proofs on your landing page by showing your customers feedbacks to build trust among the visitors.

Feature the links: It is important to communicate with your customers through other social media channels. So, feature the links of your social media channels on your landing page.

Provide an incentive: You should offer some free gifts to your customers. It will increase the traffic on your page.

Design responsive landing pages: Your landing page should be rendered on all devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Test your landing pages: Your landing page relies on your target audience. So try to test your landing page with two or more variants.

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