14 Unique Problems Of eCommerce Website Design

14 Unique Problems Of eCommerce Website Design

Nowadays, online retailers make tons of mistakes with their e-commerce website design which are very easy to fix. If you will avoid all these problems with your e-commerce website designs, it will improve the experience of your customers.

So, let’s discuss some of the major problems that most retailers do with their website design.

A lack of detailed product information: Most e-commerce website owners did not provide full information about their products and their customers find it difficult to examine the product.

Hiding contact information: A lot of websites are there which does not contain contact information with which customers find it difficult to contact you.

A long checkout process: Some websites have a long checkout process that makes the customer irritated.

Requiring an account to order: Websites should have a separate account option so that users did not find it difficult to complete the process.

An inadequate site search engine: Many websites did not have an adequate search engine which results in not giving them a proper ranking on Google.

Poor customer service options: Websites should have good customer service options to attract visitors.

Tiny product images: Many websites have tiny images of their products and that causes problems for their customers.

Only one product image: If you will add only one product image, your customers will not get complete information about your products.

A poor shopping cart design: Your viewers will not be able to add many products to their cart if you will have a poor cart design.

Lack of payment options: Most of the websites lack payment options and customers find it difficult to make payments.

Not including related products: Websites should have related products also so that your customers may have a variety of options to select.

Confusing navigation: Many websites have confusing navigation that makes the customers angry and irritated.

Not including shipping rates: Some websites did not include their shipping rates and at the time of delivery customers find it difficult to understand.

Not putting a focus on the products: Some e-commerce websites did not put focus on the products and explain the products with which customers face a problem.

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