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Why you need Clinic Management Software?

It is often said that heroes are the one who face battles, but the real heroes are the one who help you heal. And for a profession which devotes so much in patients care, must not be held back by the chaos in administering the back office processes. After all, administrative work is the fuel for the smooth functions within any organization. And as heath care industry faces tremendous emotional & physical demands and high work stake, it is the high time for you to implement software that manages all aspects of clinic operation.

What are the benefits of eTCS Clinic System?

Complete monitoring

With eTCS Clinic Management Management system, you get complete administrative control of the daily tasks. From patients’ ins and outs to the doctors’ visits, and from laboratory test reports generation to the daily inventory tracking, you get the vivid analysis of clinic growth in coming year.

Tried & true

eTCS Clinic Management Software Dubai offers a complete process for patient’s registration from the first point contact with the hospital to discharge of in-patients. This helps in the transparent practice and acts as an interface between the patient and the hospital administration.  You do not have to worry about the security aspect as data is protected with password hence any leakage of important information is avoided.

Inventory control

eTCS Clinic Management System manages all aspects of the clinic including  patient care, patient management and clinic/hospital management, resulting time saving and paperless work. You can keep a track of inpatients, clinical surgeries, laboratory reports, petty expenses and generate medical records with chargeable bill formats. Healthcare is not a commodity or privilege but a human right.

Modules of eTCS Clinic Management System

Patient registration

This module records vital information of a patient registered for the diagnosis & consultation with the doctor. This encompasses details of OPD patients, along with consulting doctor details. Also if the patient has come with reference from other doctor, those details are recorded as well.


This module accounts the information of OPD patient in the hospital. For outpatients, the consulting details, medicine prescription, lad report are organized. Also invoices, deposits and net bills are generated for the outpatients


This module manages the details of patients who are admitted in the clinic. For inpatients, room/ bed admission, transfers and discharge data are recorded. This ensures that correct discharge procedure is followed. Also any advance payment deposits, medicine bill, lab test, and clinic bills are recorded.

Doctors’ details

This module is effective for managing the doctor’s information. It has classified tab for registration of doctors’ as – hospital doctor, referral doctor and visiting doctor. Also it has option for assigning consultation charges based on the procedures & department.

 Laboratory test details

This module of is integrated with the pathology lab & radiology lab to record information regarding the tests performed. It has functionality to include more tests and sub categories of the test. Also the test format can be arranged systematically.

Account details of patients, doctors & hospital

This module gives you a bifurcated view of account details of patients, doctors & hospital. All deposit and net bill of inpatients & outpatients are viewed as per the doctor who has handled the particular case.

Enquiry desk with call reports

In this module, you get a detail view of contact details of both patients & doctors. So in case of emergency you get contacts at your finger tip. Also, in this module you can enter call enquiry detail about doctor availability or any call from the clinic.

Purchase records & report

This module lets you add purchase products along with billing details from the supplier whose details are already recorded in the system. Also, you can maintain a separate entry for the products returned to the supplier.

Medical fitness certificate

Generating medical fitness certificate becomes easy with eTCS Clinic Management Software (HMS), as it has a separate module for the same. It has a set format for issuing the health certificate, as the user just have to add details of the person who is applying for the certificate.

Room/ Bed allotment

This module lets you add details of room and bed available, along with the pricing for the same. You get option to change the status of bed availability and the charges for it.

Medicine prescription allocation & discharge report

In this module, you will get automatic discharge report including diagnosis by the consulting doctor and the patient’s details. Also, there is a separate module for generating medicine prescription as consulted with the doctor.

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