writes to its disks. AWS’s general purpose SSD offers 10,000 IOPS, but its provisioned IOPs offering can offer up to 20,000 IOPs per volume, with a maximum IOPs of 65,000 per instance. Azure offers 5,000 IOPs. Google not only has the highest IOPs, but gives customers the most choice in the size of block storage volumes. For more traditional hard-drive based storage, Google offers volume sizes ranging from 1GB to 64TB. AWS offers volumes between 500GB to 16TB. Azure offers between 1GB and 1TB volume sizes. Like with the SSDs, Google offers the highest level of IOPs-per-volume in HDDs, at 3,000 for reads and 15,000 for writes. AWS and Azure are at 500 max IOPs per volume. Max throughput ranges from Azure are 60 MBps to Google at 180 for read and 120 for write, and AWS at 500 MBps.
As for pricing, it gets a bit complicated (all prices are per GB/month), but for HHD, AWS starts at $0.045, for Google it’s $0.04 and Azure is $0.03. SSD pricing starts at $0.10 in AWS, $0.17 for Google and between $0.12 and 0.14 for Azure, depending on the size of the disk.
Hence, “Azure has the best price/performance ratio for block storage. But, for workloads that require higher IOPs, Google becomes the more cost-effective option”.

Object storage is the service which enables the user to put a file in the cloud. AWS’s primary object storage platform is Simple Storage Service (S3). It offers Standard-Infrequent Access for cool storage and Glacier for cold storage. Google has Google Cloud Storage, GCS Nearline for cool storage and GCS Coldline for archival. Azure only has a hot and cool option with Azure Hot and Cool Storage Blobs; customers have to use the cool storage for archival data. AWS and Google each have a 5TB object size limit, while Azure has a 500TB per account limit. AWS and Google each publicize 99.999999999% durability for objects stored in their cloud. Azure does not publish durability service level agreements.
In AWS,S3 costs (all prices are in GB/month) $0.023; to replicate data across multiple regions costs twice as much: $0.046, plus a $0.01 per GB transfer fee.Google has the most analogous offerings: It’s single-region storage costs $0.02, while multi-region is $0.026, with free transfer of data.
Azure offers single-region storage for $0.0184, and what it calls “Globally Redundant Storage” for $0.046, but it is read only, which means you cannot write changes to it, doing so costs more money.
“Based on these pricing scenarios, Google has the least expensive pure object storage costs, plus the free transfer of data. AWS, however, beats Google on cold storage costs.”
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