How Marketing Trends Affect the Mobile App Development Process

mobile app development process

It is predicted now that 7 billion users are using mobile apps around the world. This projected figure will continue to rise as Technology is constantly going one step ahead every day. Regardless of which industry you have. Mobile apps are a great way to generate leads. And to make your mobile application up to date you need to consider some marketing trends that affect your mobile app development process.

Let us discuss some of the marketing trends that affect your mobile app development process.


Wearables have taken a great place in the world so rapidly, as now customers are so much connected with their wearable. After the launch of the Apple watch and air pods, many companies are offering the same features in their smartwatch and smart earbuds. So now your mobile app should be familiar with the wearable trends to stay at the forefront.

On-demand development apps

These apps are created to fill a gap in the mobile app industry. These apps required technical expertise and coding knowledge. And there is a good chance that if you have on-demand apps, they will do everything you expect.

Mobile wallets

The pandemic has changed our life, we are now living a life where everything is digital now. From the buying process to pay. Ease of payment is compulsory in your mobile app; therefore you need to include the online payment option in your mobile apps.


IoT is a marketing trend that is affecting our mobile development process. As of now, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are our new friends. Everything right from the lights to our security systems can be managed effectively through these things on the internet. Therefore you need to incorporate these intelligent critical mobile application Technology trends in your development process.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is a location-based technology that can access your location and offer you the information of a store, hotel or museum present there. This Technology sends triggers to your app to be open in the user’s phone. This is also a great marketing trend that is affecting the mobile app development process.

So if you are developing your mobile app, make sure that you have incorporated all the latest trends.

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