How The eCommerce Payment Gateway Works And Why You Need It

How The E-Commerce Payment Gateway Works And Why You Need It

A payment gateway is the most important part of credit card processing as it makes the transactions fast and ensure that the transaction is safe and secure.

How Does A Payment Gateway Work?

Its main objective is to keep your customer’s payment data safe. So, let us see the process of the eCommerce payment gateway that how it works.

The customer proceeds to checkout: Your customer will select the particular product that he wants to buy and will proceed to checkout. As you know that each payment gateway provides different options for your payment page such as a prebuilt payment page, payment modal, or card input component.

The customer fills in card details: Now, the customer will fill in the details of his card on the payment page.

Payment gateway encrypts details: Before the card data gets sent to the bank, it encrypts the credit card details.

Acquirer and issuer communicate: Here, the bank sends the information to the card schemes, and after that, the payment data gets sent to the issuing bank to authorize the transaction.

Payment settlement and confirmation: After payment is approved, the funds get released to get deposited into the bank. And then you can easily display the payment confirmation page.

Why Do You Need It?

As we all know that the shopper’s card cannot be physically tapped or swiped because online transactions are present as a card, not a present transaction. Therefore, the risk arises as you do not know the card is of the actual buyer or not. So here the payment gateway comes in. Fraudsters can easily use the information of your customer without a payment gateway. Hence, it has been said that the payment gateway acts as a protector of your payment data.

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