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However, it would be better if you desist from posting mediocre images in a bid to maintain authoritative standard.

Specializing in One Area :-

Be wary to cover specific subjects only and not a broad range of subjects. If you attempt variety of subjects, you will not give justice to other sites covering the same information. Being too niche and specific is equally problematic as many people will not show interest in the topic.

Finding a middle ground will be ideal; choose a topic which will be liked by a cross section of people. Incidentally, other businesses also possess the same in-depth knowledge. By using positioning, promote yourself as an expert in the field. What is required here is your focus on your expertise and consistent trumpeting about your business by using the same terms repeatedly.

Your Mission Decided :-

The mission of your online presence is determined by focusing on your area of specialization. Assisting others to improve their skills and improving the lives of your target audience are the common goals of your mission. Moreover, your mission will guide you to stay on track with your content and will also explain visitors why they should choose you over others.

Backlinks :-

One of the essential and crucial elements in developing an authoritative website is Backlinks. But caution: using them incorrectly may backfire and lead to negative SEO. The following ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ will help you:

•  Guest blogging:Avoid excessive usage of guest blogging. Something as harmless as guest blogging, though an excellent way to produce links, could possibly come under the watchful eyes of Google to penalize your site. It is advisable to choose relevant domains for your guest posts and present useful information.
•  Anchor text: Over the years, the best practices for anchor text have changed radically. Presently, in order to avoid spam, we would advocate you related key words and limit the amount of anchor text.

•  Comments: Include relevant links in your comments. To facilitate search engines to comprehend your link make sure to include relevant and appropriate keywords.
•  Link farms: These are nothing but black hat in a way and obviously detrimental to SEO. Avoid anything unethical.
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