How to Increase E-commerce Conversions During the Festive Season


Undoubtedly, the festive season increases the sales of an e-commerce business. It is the only time when online businesses get more revenue than any other time of the year. But there must be some strategies to boost your online sales.

So, explained below are some tips that will help you to attract viewers to increase your sales.

Give a festive makeover to your landing page:

Your store should have a feel-good factor and for this, you can add some festive videos to magnetize your customers. Your interiors should be well decorated. It will not cost you much than the profit you are going to have during this season. Use some themes or graphics, add festival images on the home page, and change the font of your site to have a festive look.

Offer free shipping and smooth returns:

It is one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. Sometimes, customers find it very high. As per the surveys, your percentage sales will boost by 49% after offering free shipping services to your customers. Alternatively, the return process should also be smooth.

Make your store mobile-friendly:

As technology is increasing day by day, the customers are getting smarter by using mobile phones. So, if you don’t want to lose your customers, make your site user-friendly.

Send automated holiday sales e-mails:

You should send some pre-sale promotional e-mails to your targeted audience as it is a powerful strategy to increase your conversions.

Initiate provision for Thank You Gifts:

It is one of the best techniques to increase your festive sales by facilitating a “Thank You” gift for your loyal customers. They will definitely come back to your website again; if you will regard your customers with some additional points or cash-back offers.

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